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  1. Just had the same wheels same colour delivered last week! Getting them fitted this week! After seeing these, I can't wait!
  2. Yeah I definitely want to get it remapped, probably going to do it after the MOT so I don't have to worry about the EML right away, only a few places doing remapping in NI that are any good and it can take a couple weeks to get booked in with them lol, For me the noise is amazing so far, so hope it doesn't get too much louder, I wouldn't mind the odd pop/bang just downshifting or something but some people about that as soon as the roll off the accelerator and it pops and bangs until the car comes to a stop, that would annoy me after a day or two.
  3. yeah i was planning on getting a remap on it afterwards at some point, have you noticed much power gains etc from yours? and does it pop/bang a lot? theres one near mean thats been modded a lot but no idea whats been done but it pops/bangs a bit too much lol, i dont mind it much but it was just constant with this guy
  4. Oh I didn't realise Tarmacsportz made their own, but for the extra 50 quid I will likely get them! I want to get my wheels sorted first then save up for these sports cats! Thanks Jack for the info and recommendations! As long as the car still Passes MOT in NI it will all be grand!
  5. Really?, I didn't really have much of a budget idea, just didn't really fancy paying near 600 for the cobra sport ones, the Japspeed ones I found were on Tarmacsportz, I think they were £349 Is there any you would suggest/recommend?
  6. Perfect! I found a pair of Japspeed ones, so I'm hoping they will work with the system I have, I don't know how far the cobra exhaust goes up on mine now, I just know the manifolds and cats are still OEM, so my thinking is the Japspeed ones should just bolt in, in place of the OEM ones, flanges should be the same on both sides etc!
  7. I've been looking into getting some sports or high flow cats for my 350, the stock ones and the start of the Y-pipe/Flexi pipes are a bit battered with all the stupid shaped speed bumps around my way, and I don't fancy paying for the Cobra sport ones to match the back section of my exhaust as they are around £600 My question is does anyone know if the sports cats that are for the 03-06 DE engines will suit the late 06 onwards engines/exhausts? I can't seem to find any that state they are for the Revup engine, or is the DE and Revup engines the same? Any information would be great!
  8. I really like those LMGT4s, im looking to get a set of wheels with a deep concave face, rather than a dished alloy like i currently have on the car! just need to keep money aside for tyres too as im dropping from a 19" to an 18", current price for tyres is going to be around 4-500 quid so im trying to keep myself to 900ish for the wheels
  9. Azurez33, what setup are you going for with the JR32s? i was looking for 18x10.5 rears, but the only fronts i can find i think will need the arches flared to fit. if you have any more information on these please let me know! - the issue im having is find wheels that will clear the brembo calipers, but not stick out past the arches!
  10. Hi all, I am looking to change the wheels on my 06 350z and would appreciate some help/suggestions! At the moment I have a set of calibre 19" alloys on it (previous owners wheels) running 235/35 tyres front, and 275/35, tyres on the back, but personally I'm not a fan of the wheels or how rough it is on the roads (loads of speed bumps where I live, and even more potholes) so I'm looking to go back down to 18" alloys with a 40 series tyre profile. The wheels I have been looking at, are Japan Racing JR11s, and Japan Racing JR32 alloys, What do people think of these alloys, or any other suggestions of what I could look into? Thanks all in advance!
  11. Same here, I've seen a silver 350z just down from my work too in Carrick!
  12. Perfect! Thank you for the info, that's the same sizes as I am looking at doing but probably going for the bronze versions of them. The current wheels are 19s and the fronts have been spaced about 20mm and they just clear the callipers, so I'm not too happy with them so less spacing will be great. I had a 2016 polo GTi before this and it was the worst car I've owned, had this 350z a week today and already looking at getting a 370z nismo too.
  13. I had a good look last night and almost found everything I needed, Thanks! Just the offset for rear wheels to figure out now
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