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  1. Perfect! Thank you for the info, that's the same sizes as I am looking at doing but probably going for the bronze versions of them. The current wheels are 19s and the fronts have been spaced about 20mm and they just clear the callipers, so I'm not too happy with them so less spacing will be great. I had a 2016 polo GTi before this and it was the worst car I've owned, had this 350z a week today and already looking at getting a 370z nismo too.
  2. I had a good look last night and almost found everything I needed, Thanks! Just the offset for rear wheels to figure out now
  3. Hi all!, New to the forum and just picked up my first Z car this week, a 2006 350z with 39k miles! I'm new to the Z cars and will be glad of any help I can find here too! Just need to change over my reg, and get new wheels for it. Has anyone fitted Japan Racing JR11 alloys on their 350z? I have some questions about offset and clearances on the callipers!





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