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  1. Cheers alex. I have the number thankfully.
  2. Any of our traders here deal with replacement locking wheel nut keys? Made the stupid mistake of losing mine.
  3. And does anyone know a part code for the spring if it is damaged?
  4. Cheers Alex Seems strange to me too, just wondering if there is some crap in there or if the spring has seen better days. I sort of remember something about putting it into 5th or 6th to align the plate before bolting it back up?
  5. Hi all. I have noticed recently that pushing down on the gear stick to get it into reverse has been getting stiffer. Today there is barely any movement in it what so ever. Like to the point of feeling like nothing, I've tried lightly pulling it up to see if it is stuck down but it doesn't seem to move. I can still get it into reverse but have also had it go into reverse without pressing down (Into reverse, straight out and almost immediate shifted back into reverse). Any ideas?
  6. Heardy

    DE Bonnet

    I will have a sunset orange one available soon. In Cardiff.
  7. Hi guys. i know things like this are very hard to diagnose over the web but thought I’d try. i have a very tinny (almost heatshield like) rattle at times (75%) when the car is in gear and under load at low revs etc. Don’t think it is there under higher revs but she is hardly quiet so it’s hard to tell. i have heard it very lightly, much quieter, on the very rare occasion when in neutral. clutch does not seem to slip. gears engage fine, reverse a bit crunchy at times. cat heat shields removed rear exhasut/boot heat shield removed. cant seem to replicate it with hammering or shaking parts etc. Like I said,I know it’s a difficult one but any ideas or help would be welcomed. thanks
  8. do these use the same brackets and fixings as the original Tonneau divider? If so would you supply them on their own? I have a divider but need all the fixings etc
  9. Heardy

    Boot release spring

    @roadtrip Expensive?
  10. Heardy

    Boot release spring

    The pin has been bent out of shape and the washer has sheared off the bottom of the pin.
  11. Anyone happen to have a spare boot release spring? The one of two that attach to the upper part of the boot. Thanks Andy
  12. As the title says , I'm looking for a set of Tonneau rear divider brackets and fittings? Please
  13. Can't seem to find anything in your topics with regards to an easy to access (or easiest to access) gromit or route for a power feed from the battery to a new sub amp in the rear. Anyone got any tips?
  14. Good luck with the test drive. New to the 350zs myself but they tend to suffer from rust around the wheel arches and check the W brace, easy fix but something to look out for. rattles or grinding in the gear box, test drove one that had a rattle but only in 3rd gear. Go for one with the uprated Brembo kit if you can. I went for a high milage, but the service history and condition of the car were spot on and I haven't had any major problems. im sure someone more with more knowledge will tell you the main differences between the coupe and roadster. for me the only difference is that the roadster looks crap and the cope doesn't lol good luck





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