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  1. Anyone have a sunset orange passenger front wing? needs to be in good condition.
  2. Ok thanks How much would you be looking for? Shame we didn't know earlier was I'm taking off Kinetics lol
  3. As the title says, looking for anyone selling a set? Thanks Andy
  4. Hi Lewis Can you get back to me regarding the grille please. Still haven't received it. Andy
  5. Need a sunset orange front passenger wing if anyone has one. Needs to be in good to perfect condition though
  6. Removed heat shields from the cats and rear plastic guards from underneath that had come loose and that fixed it all.
  7. Well I was hoping to find an obvious fault for the knocking so I'm glad it was that obvious. Just wondering if there are any upgrades worth considering? Does the whole arm need to come off? Worth doing the other bush and outer bearing?
  8. Hi guys. Probably know the answer to this but thought I'd check. Getting a knock fom under the car, seems to be more when cornering. Found the inner control arm bushes to be looking a bit of a state. Would you all agree? And just out if interest, I'm assuming that arm should sit centrally not off to one side as it is? Any upgrade worth looking at? White line etc?
  9. Have you got a volt meter to put across the main fuses to see if there's any load/ drain on it?
  10. Hi Guys Had this laying about for ages and wondering if it would be worth anything to anyone? It was taken from a 2004 350z, I think it was the original sat nav mount, with the auto fully retractable non electrical door? Any info would be great.
  11. Just as a follow up to this. A new starter motor from @ZMANALEX solved the issue.
  12. Heardy

    Starter Motor

    Hi Guys Wondering if anyone is selling a starter motor for a 2004 DE. Preferably new unless low milage. Thanks Andy
  13. I will, and usually do, if I need parts
  14. Hi Guys, got a starting problem I want to pick your brains on. Car is not starting, car was sluggish to turn over and old battery was low so brand new battery installed. Car started fine first time, took it for a drive and then it hasn't wanted to turn over since (I did think I could smell a slight electrical smell on the drive last night but I can't confirm this) All electrics currently work. Fuel pump primes. Ignition clicks. Engine does not turn. Possibly thinking a dead starter motor? I have tried swapping relays, reseating connections and giving the starter a good whack. No faults showing and the pedal dance.
  15. Cheers alex. I have the number thankfully.
  16. Any of our traders here deal with replacement locking wheel nut keys? Made the stupid mistake of losing mine.
  17. And does anyone know a part code for the spring if it is damaged?
  18. Cheers Alex Seems strange to me too, just wondering if there is some crap in there or if the spring has seen better days. I sort of remember something about putting it into 5th or 6th to align the plate before bolting it back up?
  19. Hi all. I have noticed recently that pushing down on the gear stick to get it into reverse has been getting stiffer. Today there is barely any movement in it what so ever. Like to the point of feeling like nothing, I've tried lightly pulling it up to see if it is stuck down but it doesn't seem to move. I can still get it into reverse but have also had it go into reverse without pressing down (Into reverse, straight out and almost immediate shifted back into reverse). Any ideas?
  20. Heardy

    DE Bonnet

    I will have a sunset orange one available soon. In Cardiff.
  21. Hi guys. i know things like this are very hard to diagnose over the web but thought I’d try. i have a very tinny (almost heatshield like) rattle at times (75%) when the car is in gear and under load at low revs etc. Don’t think it is there under higher revs but she is hardly quiet so it’s hard to tell. i have heard it very lightly, much quieter, on the very rare occasion when in neutral. clutch does not seem to slip. gears engage fine, reverse a bit crunchy at times. cat heat shields removed rear exhasut/boot heat shield removed. cant seem to replicate it with hammering or shaking parts etc. Like I said,I know it’s a difficult one but any ideas or help would be welcomed. thanks
  22. do these use the same brackets and fixings as the original Tonneau divider? If so would you supply them on their own? I have a divider but need all the fixings etc
  23. @roadtrip Expensive?
  24. The pin has been bent out of shape and the washer has sheared off the bottom of the pin.
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