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  1. Steve3085

    350z Exhaust

    Japspeed K1 with bungs. Gloucester based
  2. Japspeed K1 not being used, has bungs. Gloucester based.
  3. Hi all, As the title says, looking for one! My passenger side seems to have fallen off somewhere and I'd like to replace it. Thanks for looking Steve
  4. I have a y pipe and a k1 with bungs if of interest?
  5. Steve3085

    w brace

    Got an aftermarket one still in its box in Gloucester
  6. Hi, As above, the passenger door won't unlock, neither electronically or manually. Making the door not usable. The car is stored in a garage over night, and Saturday just gone, I pulled the car out so I could used the garage area. Upon shutting the garage door, I locked the car, as it was outside. I then came back to unlock the car and drive it back into the garage. it didn't unlock. First guess was the battery in the key, but further investigation found that the fuse for the central locking had gone. I replaced the fuse, tried again, and the same thing happened it blew
  7. Sorry for highjacking your thread... My clutch needs replacing too, and I wondered what parts people recommend changing/replacing when doing it.
  8. Steve3085

    DE Bonnet

    Yes, my bonnet has the bulge.
  9. I've got a Y pipe and Japspeed K1 with bungs if its of interest...
  10. Steve3085

    DE Bonnet

    Im after a 350z DE standard bonnet, preferably in red, and as close to Gloucester as possible. I have a fibreglass HR bonnet to swap if it is of interest. Thanks
  11. Hi, I have a japspeed k1 with bungs if you're still looking.
  12. I have a damaged fibreglass Nismo free if you collect from Gloucester area. Pm me if you want some pics
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