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  1. Probably too noisy, but I have a Japspeed K1 with bung in Gloucester... 😅
  2. Japspeed K1 with bungs & Y pipe in gloucester.
  3. Japspeed K1 with bungs in Gloucester if you get desperate... 😂
  4. Bump, anybody able to take a picture for me..?
  5. Hi all, As the title says, I'm after the plugs for there rear speakers of a 350z. Or a picture of them, as for some reason I can't find one anywhere. 🤣 Previous owner cut them out of my car, so I need the plugs and about 3/4" of wire to put the speakers back in. Thanks in advance! 👍
  6. Japspeed K1 with Y pipe and bungs if you get desperate... 🤣
  7. Japspeed K1 with bungs, including Y pipe back if you get desperate!
  8. Japspeed K1 in Gloucester if of interest...
  9. Got a Japspeed K1 with bungs, with Y pipe if interested PM me
  10. Steve3085

    350z Exhaust

    Japspeed K1 with bungs. Gloucester based
  11. Japspeed K1 not being used, has bungs. Gloucester based.
  12. Hi all, As the title says, looking for one! My passenger side seems to have fallen off somewhere and I'd like to replace it. Thanks for looking Steve
  13. I have a y pipe and a k1 with bungs if of interest?
  14. Steve3085

    w brace

    Got an aftermarket one still in its box in Gloucester
  15. Hi, As above, the passenger door won't unlock, neither electronically or manually. Making the door not usable. The car is stored in a garage over night, and Saturday just gone, I pulled the car out so I could used the garage area. Upon shutting the garage door, I locked the car, as it was outside. I then came back to unlock the car and drive it back into the garage. it didn't unlock. First guess was the battery in the key, but further investigation found that the fuse for the central locking had gone. I replaced the fuse, tried again, and the same thing happened it blew. I then tried to unlock the door from inside, on the button. The button does nothing, moves freely, like the cable isn't attached to anything. So I now have a car with a locked passenger door that I can't open, and a central locking system that pops fuses anytime its activated. My guess is something to do with the passenger door lock, anybody had this problem? Anyone know how I can unlock the passenger side of the car without ruining the door card? Anyone have other ideas on what it could be? Thanks in advance Steve
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