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  1. Would you have 4 replacement bolts to go with this? mine are mullered by PO
  2. I am after a used performance exhaust if possible
  3. HI guys after a quiter aftermarket exhaust for my 350z, has anyone got anything on the cheaper end of the scale for sale please?
  4. paulsx

    Quieter exhaust

    Hi guys the 350 I brought is far too loud and I need to quieter down the exhaust. By the look of it has a milltek y pipe, sports cats and a non resonator back box. What can i do to kill some of the noise?
  5. HI guys bit of a random one this but I've just brought a 350z thats been off the road for years. Just before it went off the road it was in with you guys and had nearly 3.5k worth of work done., (giuy gave me the invoice lol) Amongst that was dyno tune UPREV001. Just wondered what this entailed? Many thanks
  6. paulsx

    Brake shields

    Hi thanks for that let me know if they have any please
  7. paulsx

    BC Coilovers

    Hi guys my new project car has got BC coil overs fitted but they are way too low. Does anyone know how to raise them up as they are threaded at the bottom aswell?
  8. paulsx

    Brake shields

    Hi everyone the front brake shields on my Brembo 350z have completely rusted to nothing lol. The only ones i can find are used ones on ebay in the USA, are the brmebo and non brembo shields the same? If not does it take much to modifiy them? Paul
  9. paulsx


    Hi thanks was looking at those I may give them a ring tomorrow and see what exactly they are
  10. paulsx


    How much are they please?
  11. paulsx


    Hi all first go at workng on the zed was a bit of a disaster lol. I knew the front hard pipes were no good but now but aside from just about every bolt snapping the drivers side brembo is scrap 😭 Whats the best option as I assume cant get exchange calipers as this as stripped threads in pipe inlet and bleed nipple holes
  12. HI guys may need to go for pair of new front wings for my early Z. Been looking on evil bay and there is a big difference in price £60-£120 each and I assume quality varies aswell. Has anyone brought any good fitting wings and if so which ones did you go for? Paul
  13. pre facelift its an Dec 03 car. There will be a few bits i need Ill pm you
  14. Hi the doorcard is slightly torn where someone has tried to glue it before by the look of it
  15. Hi all just gathering bits to start my project car, one of the biggest issues is the hard brake pipes have failed in couple of places. Has anyone got a fix without replacing the whole pipe sa they are NLA. Can you flare the original steel pipe to put a fitting in and then make a cooper pipe or are they too hard to flare? I assume i can then replace the rubber pipes with braided or are they too complicated? My car has brembo's on it. Many thanks
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