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  1. Great thank you, saved me doing the same lol
  2. Hi can anyone tell me if the brake plate is on the right side and correct position please? Mine were completely gone with rust so never seen one fitted
  3. Hi Alex thanks for that was hoping not to change the arm as mine has aftermarket bushes in it. How much are the arms and ball joints please?
  4. HI all need a bit of help, I've been gathering parts to rebuild the front end of my 350z, its a late 2003 so I am assuming its DE. I have been told DE's had 14mm ball joints and HR the 16mm ones. For some odd reason my car has a 14mm one side and a 16mm the other, so I am assuming somethign has been changed at some point in the past. Does anyone know if the uprights and other arms are the same? I.e can I just buy a 16mm ball joint or will I have to change the other arms as well? Cheers Paul
  5. Would you have 4 replacement bolts to go with this? mine are mullered by PO
  6. I am after a used performance exhaust if possible
  7. HI guys after a quiter aftermarket exhaust for my 350z, has anyone got anything on the cheaper end of the scale for sale please?
  8. paulsx

    Quieter exhaust

    Hi guys the 350 I brought is far too loud and I need to quieter down the exhaust. By the look of it has a milltek y pipe, sports cats and a non resonator back box. What can i do to kill some of the noise?
  9. HI guys bit of a random one this but I've just brought a 350z thats been off the road for years. Just before it went off the road it was in with you guys and had nearly 3.5k worth of work done., (giuy gave me the invoice lol) Amongst that was dyno tune UPREV001. Just wondered what this entailed? Many thanks
  10. paulsx

    Brake shields

    Hi thanks for that let me know if they have any please
  11. paulsx

    BC Coilovers

    Hi guys my new project car has got BC coil overs fitted but they are way too low. Does anyone know how to raise them up as they are threaded at the bottom aswell?
  12. paulsx

    Brake shields

    Hi everyone the front brake shields on my Brembo 350z have completely rusted to nothing lol. The only ones i can find are used ones on ebay in the USA, are the brmebo and non brembo shields the same? If not does it take much to modifiy them? Paul
  13. paulsx


    Hi thanks was looking at those I may give them a ring tomorrow and see what exactly they are
  14. paulsx


    How much are they please?
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