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  1. Yes I got mine exempt from ULEZ.. After alot of emails between me, Nissan JP, Nissan UK and TFL..
  2. Hi all. My starter motor has gone. I have renewed the battery and its not that. Had AA mechanic under the car and when tapping it and me trying to start it would turn over for split second at a time. I have been trying to source starter through normal parts stores as I would like new one as don't intend the sell the car. Ie euro car parts etc. They all say goto main dealer as they cannot my vehicle details as its a import. Does anyone know if starter motors are the same for UK models and for manual cars? As I hear there are different part numbers... Any help would be appreciated as my car is parked at my office car park, not the safest place for it to be. Thanks
  3. Hi Joe. Did you manage to resolve this as my import starter has now gone and having the same problem... so annoying
  4. This is my bike pedal plug area... 4 pin
  5. Hi all. I have no brake lights or 3rd brake light when lights off and when lights on.. I have brake lights but only slightly brighter that normal lights.. Fuse is fine and been advised the switch is the culprit.. The rubber grommets seem fine on the pedal so much be the switch.. Anyone know the part number or who sells the switches.. OEM one I need as ebay jobs seems to last for few weeks if lucky. Thanks.. My car is a 2003 JDM roadster (no cruise control) but been told all brake light switches are the same..
  6. The JDM import and UK 350z both emit the same amount of NOx and I need to possibly pay for a certificate of conformity to confirm the emissions level and submit to TFL with the V5, Costs £140 for the certificate, so will have to see if this will be enough as it is possible to register the vehicle based on this for imports. Allegedly...
  7. I have just checked and the 350z produced Nox levels of only 0.05 which is under the ULEZ threshold.. Anyone know how I can get a certificate of conformity so I can get my JDM registered with TFL for ULEZ? As 350z is euro level 3, my JDM should be exempt but issue is there is no NOx level on the v5.. This is frustrating but any help with the COC or anyone had this issue and any success let me know.
  8. I have just checked and my car will be subject to ULEZ charges from October. UK cars seem to be exempt but my JDM according to the plate checked will be subject to it. Thats a real bummer! As its a 53 plate... Anyone else know why the JDM is subject to it and UK versions are not as just checked a random 04 UK 350z registration from Autotrader and its exempt...
  9. Looks good Alex... You say mint so no bubbling paint at all in the area mine had it... Notorious Nissan silver paint issue... I have sent a PM, as car is booked in for spray job on Wednesday so hopefully we can chat before this as I can then cancel
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