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  1. Hi all. I have tuner bolts on my car as aftermarket alloys fitted. I am buying some Rays alloys as winter wheels. Can I use the tuner bolts or would I have to have to purchase new lug nuts all round? Getting different answers all over the internet...
  2. The word "during" means I done the kerbing while it was raining.. low visibility and clipped kerb on drivers rear while going through width restriction.. anyway..
  3. Thanks.. but to travel and buy your two wheels then have to source another two rear wheels is a little time consuming.
  4. Hi all.. I have just scuffed one my alloys during this torrential rain. I would like a set of cheap wheels along with three with decent tread for use as winter wheels. While I get mine returned. Anyone selling a set? Collection reasonable distance from london. Thanks in advance..
  5. Morning All I have a JDM 350z for last 6 years and I have used one garage all this time call Motor Masters. The manager is good guy and has done some good work as I know my car and can let them know what I need doing.. They have managed damage my wheel and scratch the car the last 3 time I have dropped and I have had enough as the last time they have scuffed my mirror finish rims which I won't be able to refurbish fully. They said they will pay for it but the technicians they use are just too heavy handed and do not take care of my car. I am looking at a recommended garage that can deal with my Zed from now on around West or NW London, Middlesex or Surrey area as I am based near Heathrow, Wembley or Egham depending on what I am doing i.e work or home. Any recommendations that are reasonably priced and TAKE CARE of customers vehicle please let me know... Thanks all....
  6. Hi. How much is the underseal kit from Bilt Hamber. Is it easy to apply or for a garage to complete?
  7. Hi all.. I have been looking buying a set of mesh roadster seats for my JDM import roadster... I currently cloth and would like something different. PM me if you have a set? Thanks JB
  8. 2003 350z roadster import... are yours new? Bank 1 Sensor 1 is giving a code.. EML has come on twice.. According to my garage. They said Nissan price is extortionate so try elsewhere.
  9. My EML has come on and I have been told its Bank 1 Sensor 1.. by my garage. I am unsure were to buy the correct sensor as someone told me that ones at Nissan are for UK model which is different to JDM version. Tarmac Sportz dont sell them. Is that correct? Can anyone tell me who sells the correct one? I believe its drivers side sensor 1 is the first sensor after manifold.
  10. Hey all. I have just had my car on a ramp... and the cobra exhaust checked as the exhaust clamps had rusted through. I was shocked by the amount of rust. EVERYWHERE... The sub frame under above the exhaust silencer and the just shocking. I wanted to know if anyone can recommend an place that can treat preferably by sanding down and treating them under sealing the entire underside. I am in West London.. let me know if you know a garage.. possibly how much you paid if you had it done.
  11. Thats a bloody good idea... I have I have offered £8 and they have given me counter offer of £8.50 inc free postage so no brainer really... Stil want to see if jon or zmanalex to reply... Will look for where to get the small allen key bolts in the meantime. Thanks
  12. I do not see any way how they would fit, but thanks for offering... Thanks
  13. Thanks for the recommendation have sent them messages so hopefully one of them replies.
  14. Thanks for the link, I have done the research and the momo automatic one works but is bloody expensive. I have seen some chinese copies on ebay like this but apararently they are secured with cheap allen key screws that strip when tightened and need tightening as they work loose. So wanted a genuine one, unless you know of one that fits really well or can recommend one? This is one is on ebay:
  15. Hey guys.. My Zed automatic gear knob/selector has split at the base where the pin holds it in place, am having trouble moving it out of park. Wanted to know if anyone has a spare or one handy if they have either had a zed auto they are breaking, have broken or just replaced it with an aftermerket one. Let me know? As my local Dealer says they can't help as my car is an import. Thanks J





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