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  1. 350z vq35de timing cover just been powder coated black gloss and mirror chrome £150 pick up only fk102hw
  2. handy tool for removing engine check light, can recalibrate speedo if your putting larger wheels on, reset throttle body this is a generic version just as good as nissans own version, requires a windows xp laptop to run not included google will give you a more accurate description of what it can do £65 plus £4 postage....
  3. for sale JWT valve spring compressor handy tool for doing those nasty valve seals will also throw in an extra 3 valve buckets which you will need to drill out the center then you will be able to remove 4 springs at once £55 plus postage which is about £4 2nd class tracked ENGINES: KA24DE DUAL CAM, QR25DE, VQ30DE, VQ35DE, VQ35DE REV-UP, VK56, VQ40,
  4. 2 x vq35de bare cylinder heads came of a 87000mile engine look in decent enough condition cleanded them up as best as I could (got fed up) £100 pick up only got block aswell if anyone looking for one pm me.
  5. 350z arc high flow cats also have spacers for sensors (pick up only ) (SOLD)
  6. Mine 18s all round 9.5 on front 10.5 rear needed 12mm spacer on front to miss callipers hehaw on rears straight fit
  7. i got the carbon one the quality is crap aswell am waiting on them getting back to me before a start shouting at thum
  8. i have same spoiler theres more than 2x10mm holding that on
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