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  1. Welcome along buddy, lovely looking car same year as mine. Hopefully when the lock down lifts you'll get to some fun on quiet roads . Enjoy!
  2. So I broke my tensioner bolt head on the alternator/ power steering side. Can anyone tell me where I can buy a new bolt and pulley wheel module?
  3. Azure blue Fairlady 350 caught my eye this morning, in Farnham Kwik fit car park looks like it was a staff parking area. Had a pretty big exhaust system, look like 5 inch tips. White Alloys, possible painted Rays. Nice car, also cheeky nismo badge tacked on boot lid
  4. Spotted the first this morning pulling into Squires garden centre, Badshot Lea. It was silver with induction vent cut in to front, possible Nismo going by the spoiler. Secound one on my way home around 2pm, came up behind you on A31. Same colour, and year. Black 07 plate. Both of us just as thrilled to see another 350z owner. You showed me up as yours was so clean. just got back from a holiday in Wales so still covered in crap.
  5. In my work van this morning, being followed into Fleet by a 56 plate Azure blue 350z. Looked really nice from what I could see
  6. Cheers guys, I just new it was going to be something simple like that , blue tooth had crossed my mind. Better to be safe than sorry. I will be removing that then, more space and stredding weight
  7. Can anyone tell me what this is in my main cubby hole in the center console, is it obsolete and can I remove it, or does it have an important use.. Apologies if this is a stupid question , I would usually regard myself as quite competent at working on the cars I've owned but I can say I've seen one of these before. The top photo shows what you find when you pop the lid, and the lower the loom under the tray.
  8. Silver 350z passed me heading past Frimley Lodge late this afternoon, we both acknowledge one another . Nice to see more 350z's in the area
  9. Spotted Silver 350z today on A323 just after mid day in Aldershot, passing tesco. It has JDM rear bumper
  10. Hi everyone , I have been a proud owner of black 2007 350z gt for past 6 months or so. I've done alot of spectating from the sidelines on this forum, and today I thought i'd join in... Make a contribution, so to speak .





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