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  1. Went out for a drive in the Welsh back roads before the lockdown and I suspect the bushes on the 350z is long overdue, none too surprising as they are 16 years old and done 100k. The car feel vague and and loose whereas my friend's Cayman GT4 feel so direct and planted! Done some reading on the bushes Porsche uses and noticed they utilised solid bearings alot on their suspension. I do realised solid bushes will be harsher on roads but I would not mind that given I only uses it for trackdays and weekend blast. I don't mind a bit of NVH for the improve turn in and the planted feel, so can anyone who had the SPL bushes care to share their experience and which one they replaced? Thanks
  2. SP Motorsport LTD in Wigan sorted mine out, cut the rust and welded new metal on then waxoil after
  3. Another pic from Anglesey from a few months ago, can't wait to go again so I could see how much difference the seats gonna makes Ps also fitted Hardrace front upper camber arms as well, - 2.5f and - 3.5r camber atm, really looking forward to how the car feels after all those bits, coolerworx shifter possibly the next mod down the line
  4. Been stuck at home for a few days now with this chest infection, bored out of my mind so thought I will give this a little update, car run good as ever and been away to get the rust on the rear arch cut out and new metal welded in, previously had a filler job but its pointless as the rust comes back eventually. Oh and having some Buddyclub seats installed too on Bride rails #jdm Can't wait to pick the car back up!
  5. Any idea when this new version will be available? Thanks
  6. What was your best lap time for the Anglesey Coastal layout?
  7. Had an issue with the BC Coilovers knocking going over bumps on the offside rear, took it off and re-assemble the strut, which cured it, hopefully it would be useful for anyone who had the same problem with noisy coilovers.
  8. Don't care much for stonechips it's inevitable if you drive it, but trolley dents really does my head in as that is caused by other people lack of care
  9. Had the car fully paint corrected and ceramic coated a couple of weeks ago, was much needed as the paint was dull af.
  10. Front was fine the rear was rubbing over bumps before I had the arches rolled
  11. KuroKiddo

    Spring rates

    I've got 8/6kg spring rates on my BC coilovers set at 10 from soft at the front and 8 from soft for daily driving, they ride great!
  12. Great day at Anglesey yesterday, would love a track prep E92 M3 now, they are on another level.
  13. Alright guys read a few threads re people suffering from clunking/metallic rattling noise coming from the rear after installing coilovers, the problem is on the rear coilovers doesn't come with a strut gasket therefore metal on metal creating rattling noise when over bumps, my friend help me to fix it tonight by sticking a piece of dynamat on top of the strut and please to say it works and no more rattling noise now. You can get a piece of dynamat for a few quid on eBay, cut a square piece roughly the size of the strut top, cut a cross in the middle, use the sticky side onto actual strut, then cut around the shape of the strut cover, re-install and enjoy the peace and quiet over bumps.





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