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  1. Hi pal, thanks for the kind words, it is too nice to let go so yeah I'm keeping it for a while. Will keep you in mind when I do eventually decided to sell it. You can follow me on Instagram z33kuro to see updates of any changes. Cheers
  2. Decided to keep it, can admin please delete the advert thanks
  3. Car is listed up for sale in here if anyone is interested, keep meaning to sell it as I don't use it enough since I have another car and use public transport to work. Will be sad to see it go, but hopefully to someone who can appreciate it.
  4. Hi all, I have owned this 350z since 2013 and now it's time to part with the car. First thing first, in 2015 the car was written off during my ownership when there was a extremely low speed collision which resulted in the passenger door and rear quarter panel was damaged, I have attached a photo of the actual damage below so you could see for yourself. The insurance company decided to write it off as the assessor noted it will need quarter panel which with parts and labour deemed it uneconomical to repair. The aim of the build was a competent fast road/track focus 350z. There is mi
  5. That fast right hander is a belter, daring yourself to carry as much speed as possible. Running 255/265 still but in 40s, more sidewall for the road and similar rolling radius to stock, and I also like how they filled the arches too. Yeah they're Kumho PS91 not bad tyres for the price but comes with the usual road tyre on track limitations. Cup2 probably the best compromise for all in one tyre but they're so expensive, Goodyear Supersport seems probably best for performance/value. Good idea about getting it printed off, haven't thought of that!
  6. Wow not been on the forum for a long while and just had a quick look of the latest updates, top top work fella!
  7. Cheers mate, had an half and hour tuition with an instructor at Anglesey last time and he commented on the car is set up very well. Still running the same alignment spec as the pic above. Together with the solid bushes/inserts at the diff/back subframe the rear end is nice and taut. Couple of things going forward I would like to change is to swap the rear wheels for some higher offsets so I don't have to run stretch, SPL bushes for the front and Goodyear Supersport as one tyre for all occasions. Let me know how you get on with those tyre sizes @350Butcher Ph
  8. Hey guy, Black Friday sale is now live, check out http://www.expostfacto.co for massive savings.
  9. Hey guys and girls, I always loved Japanese cars old and new, one I particularly love is the 240/260z. That's what inspired me to have some rear emblems and keychains made in the style of of the original Z cars. The emblems are made in high quality ABS just like the OEM badges, with 3M adhesive backing, so installation is simple and quick. The keychains are made in thick brushed metal. Really high quality and weight to it. Check out the collection at www.expostfacto.co and also my Instagram for more pictures and videos of the products @z33kuro
  10. Thanks for the reply, I can only find one admin which I been messaging but he hasn't been back online for a while. Where can I find the list of admins? Thanks
  11. Can an Admin on here shoot me a DM please? Thanks
  12. Yeah but uploading from GoPro is a pain, may see if I can grab some from the dash cams
  13. Finally got a day out at Anglesey after the lockdown to try out the new mods and settings, car felt very good but I think I will change the rear camber from -3 to -2 or -1.5, given when the rear end get lose it snaps quite violently, the diff was working very well pulling the car mid corner and exit. You could just push the pedal down alot more and sooner and the diff just put all the power down and sling shot you through! The Z1 subframe inserts and SPL solid diff mounts works well too now there's hardly any slacks in the rear, you could feel it's a lot tighter at the back and the
  14. A little preview of the 240z style badge I got made
  15. Will do soon Keep an eye out on members traders
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