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  1. RT still sells 350Z parts?

    Looking for Mines lip for pre-facelift 350z, is RT still on the scene? Thanks
  2. 350z SPC toe bolts

    Hi Adrian ordered those spc toe bolts and spl lockout kit last night on the website, can you give me an ETA? Thanks
  3. 265/40/18 square

    Ended up with 255/35/18 and 265/35/18 NS2R, will report back, but I'm liking th stiff side walls
  4. 350z SPC toe bolts

    Just from the google search result, it's says it's out of stock, will be ordering spc toe bolts and spl lockout kit off you soon. Thanks
  5. 350z SPC toe bolts

    Hi Adrian when is the new stock arriving? As it says out of stock on the website? thanks
  6. Do I need adj rear toe bolts?

    Hi just gathering the parts ready for installing coilovers and alignment, looking to lower the car -30mm using BC BR coilovers so not true coilovers at the back, already got driftworks camber arms for the rear, question is do I need to get adjustable rear toe bolts? Prefer to have everything I need for the setup on the day, thanks!
  7. 265/40/18 square

    Before I spend a lot of money for a set of 265/40/18 AD08R square set up can anyone confirm it's within the 3% TC/VDC limit and therefore I won't have any problem with it? Thanks edit also how about 265/35/18 square? Won't mind trying the Nangkang NS2R
  8. 350Z Goodwood FOS

    Saw a blue (I think, had sun stroke by that time) 350Z with numberplate begins with CD, spotted a forum sticker.
  9. HSD DT anyone got experience of them?

    Thanks for the replies guys, ended up going for BC coilovers with 8/6kg spring rates as I spend 99% of the time driving on roads, should be a nice ride and good handling if I pair it with some eibach arbs.
  10. I need toe bolt kit with lockout washers

    Hi Adrian did more reading think I'll go for the SPL lockout kit when my camber arms comes, as you get a set of 4 which should do the camber arms and toe bolts. Now here's another question haha, the more I read the more it fried my brain lol, so if I get the eibach adjustable toe bolts and put the lockout bolt and washer on it am I essentially paying a lot of money just for the template to elongated the hole and using the lockout kit instead of the eibach toe bolts?
  11. I need toe bolt kit with lockout washers

    Yeah mate they only seems to bring up spc or eibach bolts without the lockouts?
  12. Sorry to put it here but I'm not getting any response in the suspension section, I've ordered coilovers and rear camber arms the other day, looking for rear toe bolt kits with lockout washers but I can only find toe bolt kits without the lockouts? Also do I need lockout kit for the camber arms? Mucho gracias!!!
  13. I can't seem to find anything online for a toe bolt kits that comes with lockout washers, anyone can help?
  14. I'm looking for some coilovers and need some user experience of the HSD DT, I don't wanna anything that's crashy on crap roads like ours, also anyone have links to rear toe bolts with lock out washer, I can't seem to find any. Thanks
  15. Just saw a post by Miller and watched his post on YouTube, same symptom as mine as I have a blowing y pipe too, hopefully a new one will solve it