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  1. Yeah it was fine after a couple of hundred miles, the super low bite point and stiff gearchange gone, it's like butter now.
  2. How does tyre size affect traction control?

    I'm running a close to square set up on 10x18 and 11x18, 255/35/18 and 265/35/18 Nangkang NS2R, no problem with TC I've found.
  3. Black 350z

    and I got the keyring to match now, shame it's not black
  4. Black 350z

    Picked up another bargain, a set of Whiteline anti roll bars came up for sale near me for a bargain price of £150, the car rides well and handles well now, couldn't be more happier, there's a few more things I'd like to do down the line which includes a Kazz LSD and 3.9FD, but for now I think it's finished, bar the Nismo front splitter I have in the box still to be fitted, but I may sell it and get the mines lips instead, but for now it has got to more or less how I wanted it.
  5. Black 350z

    Suspension time! After having coilovers on previous cars which was far too hard for our roads here I gone for a set of BC BR Coilovers with 8/6kg spring rate rather than the usual 10/8kg, as last thing I want is bouncy ride which totally ruins the car, as I figure I want the car to ride well and if I were to control the roll I would just upgrade the anti roll bars anyway. So a trip to Area Motorsport to install the coilovers, driftworks camber arms, SPC toe bolts and SPL lockout kit together with setting the alignment and rolling the rear arches. The car rides unbelievably well, just feels like a well set up car to live with compare to hard crashy rides associated with modded cars, would highly recommend 8/6kg spring rates for anyone looking to upgrade their suspensions!
  6. Black 350z

    Clutch was beginning to slip at 90k miles so a quick order from Clarke Motorsport got myself sorted out with a Xtreme Orgainc clutch and lighten flywheel, also been waiting for some new wheels and decided on some Rota MXR in 10x18 et7 and 11x18 et12, got lucky with them as I saw a pair of 10x18 2nd hand for sale quite locally and then a month later a pair of 11x18 pop up nearby! Result! Got them refurb and powdered coated in Satin Bronze which goes well with the black paintwork. New wheels meant new tyres, I wanted a square set up, but at the same time I don't want to upset the VDC as I leave that on for cold rainy days on the motorway so I settle on 255/35/18 and 265/35/18s, this was going to be a gamble as I can't find anything concrete on whether that size runs well with the VDC, but happily it pays off as the car runs fine with those tyre size. I wanted tyres that are more focus and didn't want soft sidewalls and don't turn to mush after a few laps, so that rule out the popular MPSS, originally wanted to get the Yokohama AD08R but looking further into it there's some rave reviews on Nangkang NS2R, the yokos cost nearly twice as much and I don't think I'm chasing every last second so I thought I'd try them out! Seems great to me at the price and wraps around the wheels perfectly, just a little bit of stretch but not too much and fill those arches well once lowered! But looked like a lifted zed with the OEM suspension.
  7. Black 350z

    Took the car to Anglesey Circuit, car was completely stock bar the brakes pads was upgraded to DS2500 pads and Motul 660 brake fluids, the body roll and boring understeer was horrendous! Near the end of the day the OEM back box decided to give up, so started looking for a new cat back system, want somethig that sounds like stock, as the standard exhaust notes was so good, didn't want anything that make it sound like a 4 banger which I thought some did, so after a bit of research (YouTube) a Cobra resonated cat back was ordered, perfect sounded just like OEM but turn up a few notches without being obnoxiously loud.
  8. Black 350z

    Had the car since 2014 been meaning to do a build thread for a while, at the time when I was looking for a new car I was looking for something with a nice sounding engine, rear wheel drive and got to look good! And the 350z fit the bill perfectly, S2000 was another option but for some reason I never really got on with Vtec, guess I'm lazy and like torque too much! Anyway first thing I did as with most was to get a shorten Honda aerial, then I had the Rays painted Satin Black, not a choice of finish I would do as the paint would easily chip, powder coating was much better.
  9. Whiteline Arb setting

    What setting did you originally have the Arb mate?
  10. Whiteline Arb setting

    Softening the rear damper did help, more neutral to oversteer now when entry and steeping on mid corner, although I still the front tyres rollover feeling, will increase the front tyre pressure and see what it's like next
  11. Whiteline Arb setting

    I will be taking the same bend tonight, picking my gf up from work, little bit warmer tonight and I've soften the rear, will see what's it like
  12. Whiteline Arb setting

    Hi guys had my whiteline arb installed yesterday, front soft and rear medium, like it at initial test drive but last night when going through a left handed corner something strange came up, as I turn to a tight left I can feel the front tyres rolling over for a split second then the back end step out, felt really strange instead of a progressive oversteer I'd like, I've soften the rear damping a little bit and see whether that'll improve things, the road was a little bit greasy tho ambient temp was 3c, but the roll over of the front tyres then snap oversteer does seems very strange! Any of you had whiteline Arb before and how you find them? Read someone who said it made their 350z handle like a old school 911 which I can see where they were coming from haha
  13. Try posting on 350z uk Facebook group to get more interest too
  14. I'm definitely interested pal!
  15. May say on the spring