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  1. Hey guy, Black Friday sale is now live, check out http://www.expostfacto.co for massive savings.
  2. Hey guys and girls, I always loved Japanese cars old and new, one I particularly love is the 240/260z. That's what inspired me to have some rear emblems and keychains made in the style of of the original Z cars. The emblems are made in high quality ABS just like the OEM badges, with 3M adhesive backing, so installation is simple and quick. The keychains are made in thick brushed metal. Really high quality and weight to it. Check out the collection at www.expostfacto.co and also my Instagram for more pictures and videos of the products @z33kuro
  3. Thanks for the reply, I can only find one admin which I been messaging but he hasn't been back online for a while. Where can I find the list of admins? Thanks
  4. Can an Admin on here shoot me a DM please? Thanks
  5. Yeah but uploading from GoPro is a pain, may see if I can grab some from the dash cams
  6. Finally got a day out at Anglesey after the lockdown to try out the new mods and settings, car felt very good but I think I will change the rear camber from -3 to -2 or -1.5, given when the rear end get lose it snaps quite violently, the diff was working very well pulling the car mid corner and exit. You could just push the pedal down alot more and sooner and the diff just put all the power down and sling shot you through! The Z1 subframe inserts and SPL solid diff mounts works well too now there's hardly any slacks in the rear, you could feel it's a lot tighter at the back and the
  7. A little preview of the 240z style badge I got made
  8. Will do soon Keep an eye out on members traders
  9. I will have something very interesting for sale soon, 370z badge in 240z style!
  10. Hi guys, lately my car has developed a grinding/rattling noise from the gearbox area at around 85mph+, doesn't matter whether I'm accelerating or coasting at the speed the noise remains until the speed drops from that range, the car sound and feels fine apart from that, any ideas what I should be looking out for?
  11. Good job so far! Are you running the Wiring Specialities loom? Also what are you doing for the exhaust manifolds?
  12. Sadly paint look a bit more worse for wear after it had the detailing done 2 years ago, it's hard to keep on top of black paint while living in a flat, hopefully that will change in the near future.
  13. Cheers pal got some body mods in the pipeline once the body shop opens again, nothing crazy will be OEM+
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