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  1. Hi guys, lately my car has developed a grinding/rattling noise from the gearbox area at around 85mph+, doesn't matter whether I'm accelerating or coasting at the speed the noise remains until the speed drops from that range, the car sound and feels fine apart from that, any ideas what I should be looking out for?
  2. Good job so far! Are you running the Wiring Specialities loom? Also what are you doing for the exhaust manifolds?
  3. Sadly paint look a bit more worse for wear after it had the detailing done 2 years ago, it's hard to keep on top of black paint while living in a flat, hopefully that will change in the near future.
  4. Cheers pal got some body mods in the pipeline once the body shop opens again, nothing crazy will be OEM+
  5. Them wheels Car look mega clean too!
  6. Oh and managed to pick up a Greddy/Trust gear knob up from Japan! Always wanted one when my brother had one in his EVO VII back in the days, loved the look and feel of it, but when I looked a couple of years ago it was discontinued and trying to find a 2nd hand one was proving difficult. Luckily when I went on a random search it appear Greddy has re-released that style and I just had to get it!
  7. Managed to pick up a Kaaz 2 way diff and bought some bits along to fit while the diff is getting changed, gone for solid SPL diff bushings, Z1 solid subframe inserts as well as new diff bearings and diff oil seals.
  8. Last time I updated this post back in December I was in the midst of going through a Corona like virus, and now with this lockdown going on and no road trips/trackdays happening I thought I'll post a few things re the Z. Firstly had another alignment, raised the rear ride height a bit, adjusted the rear camber, with a bit of toe out at the front and bit of toe in at the rear, I think in the 8 years I have own the car this felt by far the best settings I've experienced, it turns in sharp, grips very very well and are totally predictable. Yet to trying out on track as it was cancelled amid the lockdown but I'm looking forward to it. The only thing that's annoying is the rear end bobs side to side during long fast cornering which I hopefully will remedy with parts I've listed further down.
  9. Brand new never fitted front and rear full kit, £65 incl P&P
  10. Went out for a drive in the Welsh back roads before the lockdown and I suspect the bushes on the 350z is long overdue, none too surprising as they are 16 years old and done 100k. The car feel vague and and loose whereas my friend's Cayman GT4 feel so direct and planted! Done some reading on the bushes Porsche uses and noticed they utilised solid bearings alot on their suspension. I do realised solid bushes will be harsher on roads but I would not mind that given I only uses it for trackdays and weekend blast. I don't mind a bit of NVH for the improve turn in and the planted feel, so can anyone who had the SPL bushes care to share their experience and which one they replaced? Thanks
  11. SP Motorsport LTD in Wigan sorted mine out, cut the rust and welded new metal on then waxoil after
  12. Another pic from Anglesey from a few months ago, can't wait to go again so I could see how much difference the seats gonna makes Ps also fitted Hardrace front upper camber arms as well, - 2.5f and - 3.5r camber atm, really looking forward to how the car feels after all those bits, coolerworx shifter possibly the next mod down the line





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