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  1. Hi Alex, Yes i’m up for a meet still. I tried joining the Facebook group but didn’t get a response.
  2. Can’t remember the reg...ended kwa or something. Car looked sweet! I was behind you for a few minutes.
  3. There is a group called “North East Zeds”. I have clicked to join that.
  4. Welcome, great looking car. A few of us around your way if you fancied a spin.
  5. Went out for a spin tonight. Some fantastic roads around. Be great to get a few more people out next time!
  6. Sure sounds good mate. Let me know if anything changes. Any other NE drivers fancy a drive, the more the merrier!
  7. Got a Cobra exhaust with Y-pipe, HKS drop ins and a remap done at Abbey the other day. Pictures attached for those that are interested. Car feels great and sounds how it looks. I’ve added a quick video of the exhaust, really need some base to get close to how it sounds in real life (yes it needs a clean!) I’ve seen some people claim it’s not worth remapping an NA. Couldn’t disagree more!
  8. Sorry mate, I should have said something! I’m over in Ponteland so not that far from you. You free on Tuesday? I’m about all day and evening if you wanted to go for a spin? I’m away for work over the next couple of weekends. Although would still be good to get a date in the diary.
  9. Same. I went up to Cresswell yesterday, I should have confirmed it on here! Weather is pretty terrible today, no good for a drive!
  10. I was comparing a 350 DE vs a 370GT. You could compare average price across all models or other comparisons such as 350HR vs 370nismo. They will all have different numbers attached to them. I was focusing on what I thought was probably the most common models. I probably wouldn’t include cat write offs either.
  11. What if it’s about to become a classic?! Could be the NSX of threads
  12. When I said drop significantly I meant significant spikes, not total drop in value. I expect the total value to drop a lot over time but not necassarily drop to the same level as the 350s. What do I expect the bottom value to be on the 370s?! That’s the question! If I were to guess that the 350 bottomed out at 3k then I would hazard a guess say the 370 may be something more like 4K.
  13. I maybe the only other person that thinks this
  14. With this thread I’m curious about the rate of depreciation. Someone mentioned the depreciation curve, which is correct. Different curve for every vehicle. I’d be interested to see how they would look for the zeds.
  15. What do you think the value of your car is now? Just trying to get an idea of drop if any.





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