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  1. Stupid question alert.... is there a dress code for the evening thing? The other half asked and I had no idea!
  2. Saw a gunmetal grey 370z in Crawley cinema, you parked fairly close to me, so you might have seen my (very dirty) 370z. Number plate was V16 XXX and has a brands hatch map logo on the number plate. Anyone on here?
  3. Saw a blue 370z convertible in Redhill, outside the Kebab shop. Number plate was L6 XXX. Anyone here?
  4. Just confirmed my attendance! It's going to be great seeing so many Zeds!
  5. I've seen this one before in that exact location. There's also a nice looking yellow 350z GT4 just up the road too. Neither have ever replied on here
  6. If you have the PC version you can get both from GTA Mods: https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/350z https://www.gta5-mods.com/search/370z Sadly on PS4, but thanks. Seen some of the mods for Porsches, Audis and BMWs and they looks insanely good. I'll stick with the GTR. It's free and goes like stink! If only it were free in the real world.
  7. GTA'er here. I'm rather addicted. I'm waiting for the day they release a 350z or 370z. That would make me rather happy.
  8. Just been cleaned and was looking nice and shiny in the car park.
  9. I used West Way in Mill Hill (North West London) and they're shocking. Avoid at all costs. I thought the Aldershot dealership looked okay, but glad to know they're just as useless.
  10. This is odd, but can I just say it's nice to hear from normal sized people. I'm 6'6... what is it with tall people liking Zeds? I think it's pretty good on head height, that's always what I struggle with in cars. I put the steering wheel up which is good for the legs, but because my seat is low it feels too high.
  11. I had a 350z and I thought they were some of the most comfortable seats ever. I could drive for hours and hours and it always felt really supported. I read up lots about a 370z and everyone was saying they seats were uncomfortable (compared to a 350z) and I certainly noticed the difference, I found them uncomfortable at first. However, I've played around with the seat so many times and I've got it about right. Something that may help you.... When I was trying to get the seat right, I discovered a small lever half way down the side of the seat (so to the left of your chest) and turing this level increases/decreases the support right in the middle. If it's fully turned then it can feel like something is digging in your back and then if it's turned the other way that's when I felt it didn't offer enough support. My lever is pointing upwards and towards the windscreen. if you looked at it from the passenger seat, it would be between 10 and 11. Give that a go and see if it helps.
  12. I saw a lovely looking black 350z today in Wisborough near the cricket green (how very British). I flashed and you flashed back. Anyone on here?
  13. Richesio

    New Ride

    Wooohoooo. Welcome to the club.
  14. Hello! Do all 370z have the synco rev match or did they come in on a certain year or are they only on the GT pack (and above) models? My friend is considering buying one, but I own an automatic 370z and all the manual ones I test drove had it but were the same spec. Thanks,





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