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  1. Hello, if you still have one in stock i would like one please? Many thanks.
  2. Ok thank you. I appreciate they are used but what is the Condition of the black lettering as in still solid black or faded and are there any marks/ Nick's to the chrome badge itself I can't quite see in the picture. Many thanks.
  3. Hello are these still available?
  4. Hello, does anybody have any supplier recommendations for the above that last longer than a few months looking to replace the 5w wedges in my number plate and headlamps. Anything from the Bay just doesn't seem to last in my experience at any price. Happy to pay for something decent. Thanks.
  5. Hello can I order one of these kits please. I have an 04 DE. Can it be ordered on your website or should I phone up. I couldn't find a link for the whole lot? Many thanks Lloyd
  6. LH350Z

    Japspeed K1

    Hello I have a used K1 (from y pipe back) y pipe not included. in very good condition for sale. I have been meaning to get it up for sale for a while just not got round to it, or have the post count to do a proper ad.
  7. I replaced my bank 2 one last year. Got it from local reputable motor factors (a branded part but not OEM). It was approx £35-40. I Installed it, reset dash lights .It's worked fine ever since. My local dealer wanted about £100+ vat for an OEM one?!!
  8. Yes saw the silver zed at the end. Loved his reaction to Vegas "it's not my cup of tea" 😀
  9. Welcome, I am based down the road in Essex by the sea...I too have come from a Honda to the Z my first rwd...at last! I have kept my Honda as it's a bit older than your Ep3. Enjoy the Z.
  10. I will see when i can next get over your way. If they go in the meantime then fair enough. Many thanks.
  11. Hello i am interested in the wheels, provided they are not buckled. Curbing/flaking ok. Can you do £220 if i collect them today early pm? as i am working in E6 part of today.
  12. Hi all i have an '03 350ZGT. It has an oem y pipe back fairly new K1 exhaust fitted by the previous owner which i am not a fan of (too loud at cruise even with the bungs in and don't like the Jap can rear look either). Anyway issue is oem y pipe is blowing on both flexis so needs to be replaced. My plan is to return the system to oem for the time being i have picked up a full oem system via the forum from a 350GT (y pipe, centre section, back box) mainly just to get a good cond oem back box. The y pipe off the 350GT looks like it will fit but is a completly different shape to the oem part and does not have a heat shield Looking under the Z it seems to be the same overall length. Question is are there any issues fitting a y pipe with no heat shield? All after market items don't seem to have them but surely Nissan fitted them for a reason? I don't want cabin temps to increase. i need to get an oem centre section. You think why not just get a whole aftermarket exhaust system but i want to just see how i find the oem setup first and deal with some servicig items too. Any thoughts appreciated.



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