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  1. I'm In Larbert, Stirlingshire.
  2. Having lost my Z last year, I eventually got round to clearing out the garage and came across a few items that forum members might be interested in. First item is a plenum that I polished myself. It came up quite well after a lot of sweat and a burned out drill! PLENUM NOW SOLD. !! ALL OTHER ITEMS STILL AVAILABLE !! £75, including postage. Plenum now sold. Next item is a JDM instrument cluster. These were taken from my Z and replaced with a UK set, but were working fine. Just want to get rid of them to a good home so £20 including postage. Next is a pair of OEM front wing reflectors. I just want enough to cover postage, so £10 and their yours. Finally, I have an OEM air box. Again, I just want enough to cover package and postage so £20 seems fair.
  3. These wheels are now sold and have gone to a new home. I hope Tom enjoys many miles of happy Zedding on them. Thanks to the moderators and other members for advice, helpful posts and interest. Cheers Jim
  4. Hopefully. Just negotiating collection and payment arrangements at the moment.
  5. I'm in negotiations with a potential buyer at the moment. Will let you know if that doesn't work out.
  6. The way things are going they might still be on sale in a few months time!
  7. These have now been sold. Thanks to all for the interest. Jim
  8. I'm really surprised that nobody has wanted to buy these yet. Am I asking too much for them?
  9. Following the demise of my Z, I am now starting a clear out of the garage, so will have a number of parts to sell soon. Here is the first item - a set of led rear light clusters. These have been on the car for a few years, but have been very well looked after and are in very good condition. They are very easy to fit, are simply plug and play, and they really do transform the appearance of the car. I think that Nissan charge a few hundred for these, so I think a price of £150 (plus postage) is fair.
  10. BUMP Can't believe nobody is interested in these wheels.
  11. Yes. it was full. Have emptied it so you should be able to pm me now. Thanks for the alert.
  12. Just popped out to check. They are staggered fit. 8.5 front, 9.5 rear.
  13. Sorry, don't know the answer to that one.
  14. I am surprised they are still up for sale even though the ad only went up last night !!! They will sell then we will get a load of wanted LMGT4 wheels wanted threads...normally the way. You don't need any luck selling these Jim. Thanks for these thoughts. Hope you are right!
  15. Sorry, should have said in ad. They are 19".





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