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  1. I missed the April Sizzler meet but unless i've missed some others I don't think there has been a Yate meet for a while. Are there any plans for another one? Just fancy an excuse to get out for a drive without the Mrs while its still summertime.
  2. Blocko

    Bloody LOUD

    So I have the Buddy Club on my Exhaust. Its been on the car since around November and I love it. It is loud but sounds great and i'd recommend to most people (running without the optional rear bungs). One of my standard Cats deteriorated and meant emission failures. On a bit of a budget I ended up opting for Japspeed HFCs. I was wary as these get bad press but one fit perfectly and the other only just didn't fit (had to do away with the heat shield and the lambdas are currently cable tied as didn't reach). I had the garage test them for emissions and they passed without needing to be warmed (but they are brand new). I know these might not have a long life span but as the most affordable way of meeting the MOT requirements i'm so far thrilled with these. But... I read lots of posts saying that HFCs will make the car louder. Not as much as decats but noticeably and more raspy. I decided that these were so much cheaper than the standard CATS that it was worth the risk and I like noise anyway but OMFG the car is now REALLY LOUD. I think it must be double in volume. Not saying I don't like it but i'm sure its only a matter of time until I get pulled or the neighbours sling a brick through the house window
  3. Glad to hear it is running well. I've just clocked over 103k so hopefully mine also has lots of life left. Aside from standard wear and tear parts I've only had to do the compression arms so far and my Cats. Most of the rest of my original parts seem to be holding up quite well (touch wood).
  4. Blocko

    The Crew 2

    I liked the first Crew. Story was rubbish but racing coast to coast against my friends was cool. I had been looking forward to this but i'm put off by being able to instantly warp my car into a plane or a boat. That doesn't sound very immersive to me. As Cimanu said, will be worth a punt once is really cheap (its already down to £30).
  5. Blocko

    Low level BGW

    Thanks but they are stateside. Surely there must be something in the UK.
  6. Blocko

    Low level BGW

    Doh, Somehow I've put this in the 370 section. Should be in the 350 zone. Sorry
  7. Blocko

    Low level BGW

    I love the low Ings Z-Power wing. I've attached images of the one I like. I cannot find this anywhere in the UK (please correct me if there is a distributor). I'm also struggling to find something that looks similar. I'm guessing I'm going to have to get a universal BGW and change the legs. I think the Ings leg design is a big part of why the look works. So questions: -Do all universal wings have interchangeable legs? -Where can I buy the legs that are quite 'chunky' looking? - The Ings spoiler is 1600mm. The ones I can find are either shorter or longer. Can anyone share pictures of their wings and the length on them? - Is anyone running low level wings who could show me pictures? Many thanks,
  8. Blocko

    Rear Spoiler

    Thanks for that. I now know its the 1600mm Low version. What I cant find is anyone in the UK selling this?
  9. Blocko

    Rear Spoiler

    Can anyone tell me what spoiler this is? Thanks,
  10. Blocko

    OEM Exhaust

    I have one from my Rev Up. Its in decent nick but I have no idea what its worth. Where are you based?
  11. Timing sucks, really want this but just paid for some HFCs and a load of stuff for my other car Life is so unfair. Good luck with the sale I'm sure it will fly off your hands.
  12. Blocko

    Banana arm change

    I got these when I did mine https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FOR-NISSAN-350z-INFINTI-G35-FRONT-LOWER-REAR-SUSPENSION-WISHBONES-CONTROL-ARMS-/271796058144?hash=item3f484eb820:g:KWAAAOSwVJhZSQeA Quality was decent and solved all my knocking noises. Been on the car over 12 months and no issues with them so far.
  13. Blocko

    Do you get bored of cars quickly?

    I do expect I have part of the same issue. My commute is 7 miles each way but busy and county lanes. And then if me and the wife go out on weekends we tend to take one of the other cars so we can get shopping, passengers or the dog inside of it so the 350z rarely gets a proper run. That said I used to do a longer commute in previous cars and they all got sold on relatively quickly. I think no matter what car I have or the nature of the journeys I will always want something else....
  14. I can confirm that I will be along tonight
  15. Blocko

    New Member

    Hello and welcome to the forum