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  1. Buddy Club Exhaust. I took ages choosing the right system and this was definitely it. Fit nicely, looks great and sounds awesome (note it’s loud!). Less than a year on the car. Comes with the optional silencing bungs. Will need a couple of replacement gaskets. £675 delivered or £600 collected
  2. Blocko

    Postage advice

    All, I'm about to sell my Buddy Club Exhaust. Does anyone have a rough idea what it would cost to get something of this size and weight delivered. Thanks,
  3. Blocko

    Exhaust Gaskets

    All, I've taken off my aftermarket exhaust in order to refit the standard system. One of the gaskets was not salvageable for reuse (Cat to Y pipe). What size are these, is it 63mm and where is the best place to get a single one from. Thanks,
  4. Blocko

    JWT Pop Charger

    It’s offmy car now if you are still interested
  5. Blocko

    Y pipe back exhaust

    Not sure how much you are willing to spend but I have a buddy club cat back system. Lovely quality system. Very loud. Not very old and hasn’t covered many miles. £600
  6. Blocko

    Cheltenham & Gloucester Meet

    Due to a lack of interest this will not be happening.
  7. Blocko

    Where should I advertise my Zed?

    Autotrader I find is more for the dealers but you will get good exposure. If i'm looking for a car privately I like Gumtree (just don't ever put your phone number on, just use email until someone has contacted you otherwise you will have spam overload). Gumtree also let you advertise one car at a time for free. Personally i'd avoid facebook, i'm sure 99% of the people buying on there expect everything to be free and if it is free they still want you to deliver it!
  8. Blocko

    Cheltenham & Gloucester Meet

    Doesn't need to be the Wednesday (I suggested Wednesday just because thats the same day as before) i'd like to do next week if others are up for, I'm reverting the car back to standard afterwards before I sell so I need an excuse to go out in it while I still can.
  9. Blocko

    We Buy Any Car

    Thanks guys. I have sold lots of cars privately and most have sold to the first viewer but the amount of rubbish emails, offers and no shows does put me off. And although I'm hoping my car is worth 25% more I do tend to struggle getting serious interest in the countryside when there are multiple cars for sale in the Cities. Or at least that has been my past experience. I do have a cracked front reflector and a few stone chips so from the sounds of the above WBAC are more likely to give me £4k which really is too low. You will most likely see my car on here in the for sale section in the next few weeks.
  10. Blocko

    We Buy Any Car

    It might not come to it yet but a change in circumstances means the Zed might have to go soon Looking around online I would like to think my car is worth at least £6k; which is painful as it cost me £7900 less than 2 years ago. (2007 rev up. FSH. Long Mot etc...) Selling privately is a headache and I hate doing it. I would prefer to part ex the car but circumstances mean I will most likely be downgrading to something far cheaper. So I went and got a webuyanycar quote. £4500 was lower than I was expecting. A few questions from anyone who has had past dealing with them: - am I likely to be able to get an extra 25% if I sell privately - Will the car having HFCs put webuyanycar off (the other mods will be removed but the standard CATS are toast) - Is the valuation and payment process as painless as they claim it to be. - Is there a better Company to use Many thanks
  11. Blocko

    [SOLD]My 350z pride and joy for sale

    That is an awesome looking car. GLWS although i'm sure you wont have problems selling it.
  12. Blocko

    HFCs and fault codes

    I reset the CEL with a decent code reader rather than with the peddle dance and so far it has stayed off. Looking at the US forums it seems quite a few people a reporting HFCs throwing codes on long drives so I guess my drive to Inverness at a steady speed the whole way was the cause.
  13. Blocko

    JWT Pop Charger

    I'll have one for a sale in a few weeks time if you aren't sorted by then
  14. Good morning all. Any plans for another Wednesday evening meet at the aviator? Its looking like my Zed might be going soon so i'd like to try to get to a few more meets to enjoy the car for a bit before I move onto to something more sensible. I'd like to propose Wednesday 26th September at 7pm. Anyone up for this? Thanks,