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  1. So do these go on the inside of the pipes? Interested but measured my pipes and the outside measures about 65 mm?
  2. Thanks, now sorted, got a second hand pair of standard cats for MOT, will get used to swapping them over!
  3. Struggled to find someone who would pass my decays, so I just want something that will pass please! george
  4. after a bit of research, the bit in the first photos is the front crossmember, this looks simple, and cheap enough to sort. Really just the sills now, cant find anyone with this issue!
  5. Had my Z for a little bit, and its MOT has come around.. It failed in Formula One Garage in Shrewsbury on emissions (its got a decat). I took it for a second test in Meifod garage (family used and willing to help..) It failed, but the emissions was the 'good news'.. Rust is bad. Potentially really bad. The W piece is in pieces, which I can replace no problem, but its more the frame that this is connected to. It has holes big enough to stick your finger in.. And then the sills. Rusted, but also bent, possibly due to being misused on a ramp, but more likely due to being weak from the rust. I bought this car with full service history, and from the outside its a beautiful example, so I really wasn't expecting this. So I am looking for advice, what needs replacing, and how much? I really don't have the money for best bits, more second hand, slightly used! I would really appreciate any information you can give. Regards George
  6. Hey mate, do you have the rubber seal from the drivers side door? It’s the top part that the window sits up against - mines letting in a bit of a draft! thanks
  7. GeorgeW

    'My world'

    Looks like he re-uploaded it for 4K viewing
  8. GeorgeW

    'My world'

    The Zeds on eBay now
  9. Well I have settled with Adrian flux this year, £420 paid monthly isn't too bad, all mods declared. I have had it cheaper on a previous 350z but with it being a 06 and increasing insurance costs etc it's not bad, better than the 800 Sky wanted for auto renewal 😒
  10. Hammond also apparently used stunt drivers for a lot of footage didn't he? That is why he wanted to learn how to actually drift a car
  11. I have tried Prestige, and although they bet a lot of quotes, it is still twice as much as I paid for my last 350z, I will try Sky again today
  12. GeorgeW


    Payback looks sick, I loved NFS U2 for map, NFS U1 for soundtrack, NFS 2015 for car choice, and NFS MW for the blacklist idea
  13. Guys I still need to get to the bottom of this! So to bring you up to date: I sold my LED lights and put on an OEM set. The right hand side doesn't seem to work at all - e.g. Normal light or brake light. I found the ground point on the rear of the boot, took it off and cleaned it, but still nothing. If I disconnect the left hand tail light, the right one magically works. I have found where the tail light relay should be next to the battery - but there isn't one - maybe something to do with it? Any help would be great!
  14. But what increased risk? I've owned a modified 350z before, as well as other fast cars. The only thing that has changed since my last one is I have more experience and more NCB, which should make it come down not go up!



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