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  1. I think the extra strain on the grid is a bit of a myth TBH. The Tesla charges are actually a huge battery pack to smooth this out. Even if everyone uses their 10kw home charger at once it should not be a problem as power usage drops off during the night. Its no different to most people having a shower between 7 and 8am. The manufacturers predictions for electric car sales by 2025 have took even me by surprise and I have been looking to go that way for a few years now. I was going to bit the bullet 8 months ago, I looked at second hand Tesla Ss and a new Jaguar I-Pace. Both nice cars but for a fast Tesla the capital outlay was too much, with Jag it was the waiting list and the massive capital outlay. The performance is there, the charging is there, they just need to get a bit cheaper. Anyway I bought a 2 year old BMW 12000 miles at nearly half its new price. For now.
  2. Binge watching this now. Interesting how the fear of superiors makes you blind to what is right in front of you. If anyone wants to see this storey but are not willing to invest 4 hours Adrian Edmundson was in a drama / documentary some years ago that was also very good. YouTube below. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0775665/
  3. I have looked through the workshop manual (available on here I think) but it looks like there is no relay. I have attached the relative section of the manual but its too complex for me. A trusted garage is probably your best bet. EC.pdf
  4. I sold it to WBAC, they might have put it though Motorline.
  5. I had the same thing bank 2 down stream of the CAT on a bog standard MY08 350Z around 110000 miles I think. Left it for around a year then sourced a pre used OEM sensor, this made no difference. Many months later I had a garage fit a brand new OEM sensor and still had the fault. The garage suspected a faulty relay but I sold the car through WBAC before I got it fixed so unresolved. It should be fairly easy to check the power supply to make sure it comes on when cold and goes off after a few minutes I would have thought.
  6. I suspect that the 370Z and GTR reversals are...……. Medium Phase. High Phase. Extra High Phase. Combined. Are all incorrect. Therefore 4 out of 5 are incorrect. Of course I could be wrong and the new GTR engine has something special about. Anyone clued up? Nice work Nissan....
  7. Got this through my door from Nissan. Looks like they are good at cars but not so good with the proof reading. Spot the errors any one? I apologise if its correct but it looks a bit odd to me. Should we have a cut and paste competition and try and help Nissan with the individual entries for each car? Only the Z and GTR obviously. Winner sends it to Nissan.
  8. Any one seen-bought by Z from WBAC? PY08... Silver GT.
  9. I might be talking shite here because I have never had a car with an oil temp gauge. I would have thought on a NA engine the cooling water has closer more direct contact with the main engine heat source, so would be hotter. Wait for someone with more knowledge in case your engine blows up.
  10. Have you checked your deeds? There may be a path but I suspect the border will be in the centre of it. I live in a detached bungalow with my drive on the right hand side of my house. It looks like the whole drive is mine but it is not. The property on my right owns the first meter if I look at the deeds and I own the first meter of the drive on the house on my left. When you think about it has to be like that otherwise how could my neighbour maintain his wall without being on my property? Anyway. The stuff against your house is not good. When rain hits a brick wall the brick absorbs the water. Don't be fooled by water repellent snake oil etc. This is the way houses have been successfully built for 100s of years with no problems. When it stops raining the brick dries out. You get problem's when you do something that makes the brickwork experiences more dampness that the architect expected. Thing like a continually dripping gutter or blocked downpipes, broken tiles or missing slates. If you have stuff stacked against the wall you are going to get splashing, trapped water and lack of airflow for drying the brickwork. I would have him move it. I would not be confrontational because the last thing you want is friction with your neighbours. I would say something like "I have just had a kitchen fitted and noticed a bit of damp. The damp fixing guy suggested it might be because of me stacking stuff against the external brickwork. Any chance you can stack your sh**e against your own house? In the nicest possible way if you get my drift. Check your deeds before hand in case this does not work so you have something to go forward. Its easy to do. TBH regardless of what the deeds say, even if he owns the land right to your brickwork its definitely your wall. Does your roof line not overhang his land then? Seems to be an un-lightly situation to me. Be cool but defo get it sorted and check your gutters etc. as well.
  11. No. But nearly. 9 years bought 1 year old. 08 plate HR GT. Loved it. 130000 miles. No oil pressure problems. But. Several suspension issues. Consentric slave failure resulting in a new clutch kit. Many brake disks. Cost of car £19500 with 7000 miles. Sold car £4300 130000 miles. Sounds good but it cost me around £7000 in failed components in that time. I am incuding brake rotors because they failed so frequently due to vibration under braking. BTW I now have an M235i. I have done the math and rather than keep a car for 10 years I can buy a fast car 2 years old. Drive it 12000 miles a year and sell it 2 years later including the extra years manufacturers warrantee with less cost per year than running the Z for 9 years. I am taking into account servicing, tires and everything else. Just a head up. I loved my Z but keeping it long term cost me.
  12. Impressed

    Sold the Z

    My Z had to go because I needed 4 seats and a newer car to qualify for the Car Allowance at work. Very sad getting a taxi home from we buy any car after 9 years of ownership. Had to stop at the pub for a couple of pints. I might be back one day if the next one is a 2+2. For now I am very happy with a 16 plate M235i auto. The 8 speed auto box is mental when you punch it. Red line every gear. Probably still read the forum to keep up with the Z world.
  13. I sold my silver 08 HR GT to WBAC 2 weeks ago. 130000 miles, engine management light on, rusty rear quarter panel and around headlamp, shabby interior, plenty of chips, broken power steering, a very loud humming above 50mph and very bad front suspension rattles. Online quote was £5000 mint. The guy asked me to start it. Checked the mileage. Looked at the body work and took notes. Punched a few details into his computer and his computer said £4360. £4301 after the £59 charge. He did not even drive it. Money in my account a few days later and a cheque for £360 remaining RFL. Very happy with that. My reason for using them is I would not have been comfortable selling the car to someone with so many problems. Just checked and the car has not been taxed yet so I assume they still have it.
  14. After my catastrophic clutch failure I am wondering when owning my Z becomes none cost effective. At 116K MY08 HR it seems the 370Z is more of a facelift that a new model. Any ideas where Nissan is going next?
  15. Had the car back a week now. I just wanted to live with it a while before commenting. The uprated SMF kit ZX has supplied is superb. Its a bit heavier to press the pedal but the throttle connection and feel to the rear wheels is much better than stock. It also revs faster which seems to have corrected my judder starts that I have had from the car since 7K when I bought it. Being Single mass there can be a very slight bit of chatter from the drive chain but only at very low revs <1200 in-fact. Probably me just being lazy and probably I should not load the engine at these revs anyway. All in all if your clutch goes, this in my opinion is the way to go. I would also get the uprated CSC because as mentioned the hydraulic pressures are naturally higher being the clutch is more heavily sprung. If I am honest being a tight wad I went for this because it was considerably cheaper than the OEM, but I would regard it as superior anyway. However you might get a more muscular left leg, just like my more muscular right arm............. Cheers ZX for the happy ending.........



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