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  1. My CSC failed and I got a SMF kit from ZMANALEX. There was a little more NVH at lower RPM as he explained there would be, lower than 1500 rpm. However the drive was more direct. You need to make your own mind up on what is more important to you. I did not regret it.
  2. I know Elon can be a bit of Wnkr but I believe this will be a serious machine. Out of my price range though. Be interesting if the thrusters get through UK legislation.
  3. Ok I must be a bit slow, who is Joey? Does the 370z have the bonnet pedestrian protection things? if so they did not appear to trigger. I think the bonnet is supposed to lift to deflect the pedestrian over the windscreen.
  4. Looks pretty obvious to me. If the cyclist could not see the car his view must have been blocked by a van or something. Therefore the Z driver would have no chance of seeing him. Viral video of crash between cyclist and car sparks debate about who is to blame (msn.com)
  5. Yep, just get it done. Apparently the number of people who have suffered blood clots are less than the statistical number that would if there were no vaccine. The government don't want to issue vaccine certificates but it will be taken out of their hands anyway. Holiday, airlines and cruise companies are already insisting on proof of vaccination. Countries will follow. My sleeve is already rolled up.
  6. Feck me 448bhp. I have a standard M235i and it will spin the wheels on dry roads in the lower gears (Auto). That must be blistering quick. I would be looking at the gear box max Nm rating, also the massive side thrust you are putting on the pistons. That sort of power comes at a cost in not many miles.
  7. Truly saddened by this news. At one point I thought she might be the new Stig. Probably the nicest, most genuinely happy and skilled person I have ever seen on Top Gear. Why is it always the good people?
  8. My mate had an Audi with a electronic ebrake. You could use it to stop you while moving but had to keep it pressed. It seemed to stop the car under control. It would not be an emergency brake if the car had to be stopped for it to operate. The main brakes and emergency brake used to have to be 2 completely separate systems with no common components / points of failure, I am guessing that is still the case. What would be the point otherwise?
  9. "Its a sin" C4 player. Me and the missus binge watched it. I cant believe people thought it was a conspiracy in the day. I was gutted I had just got to shagging age.
  10. More likely the battery post is sqashed / compressed I would think. They are lead and the clamp is probably brass. You could fabricate a shim out of a split bit of copper tube.
  11. Impressed


    https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/nissan-previews-all-new-400z-sports-car/ar-BB14HxQ9?ocid=spartanntp The top picture is obviously from the Nissan vid. Is the second clear picture the real deal of just some randoms render?
  12. Impressed


    I quite like his take on it. Probably cost £100000 to make it look like that though.
  13. Impressed


    Pity this guy does not work for Nissan. https://www.behance.net/gallery/97418423/2021-Nissan-400z-(-Fairlady-Z35-)
  14. WITH EVERYTHING TURNED OFF...…... SET MILTIMETER TO 10A DC Disconnect the negative lead. One probe negative lead one probe battery negative, Someone will be able to tell you the normal residual reading for alarm etc. Do you have a Bluetooth dongle permanently in the OBD2 port?
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