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  1. Hi Guys, My Positive Battery Terminal Clamp is no longer tightening, so it sits fairly loose on the battery, I have combatted this by turning the terminal upside down :D Is it worth just leaving it be or can I get a decent one from somewhere? Is it the case of going to halfords and see if they sell generic ones or do I need specific ones? Cheers Brad
  2. DE, I’ve done about 1000 miles between, car is on 109k now
  3. Checked this morming, haven’t ran the car for over 24 hours so coldest reading I’ll get lol took 5 readings all about the same, tried pulling the dipstick out as slowly as I could trying not to catch it on anything... this was the general reading, car had a service 4.7 Litres of oil in January 2020, I put 0.3 Litres in last week, so the car has had 5l of Oil put in all together, does it need more?
  4. Is that not a standard feature of the GT? I thought it was a stock feature, then again it’s my first Z and I haven’t seen many others to compare
  5. Gave the Z a quick and simple wash and polish today! Autobrite Direct Purple Velvet Shampoo Aurobrite Crystal Glass Cleaner Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel Auto finesse Tripple AIO Polish turned out quite nice, car is far from perfect though! Hope your Saturdays have been a good one!
  6. Possibily mate! Tbh it wouldnt even stretch very good, even with the heat gun, and ended up burning some small holes in the vinyl -_- I will try again another day, this was with two people as well hahaha
  7. Had a go today, was awful, not sure if it’s because tint was amazon crap, but I know it’s hard to do anyway, just creased like hell and heat gun couldn’t even get them out, I’ll try another day
  8. Cheers, I'll give it a go today, take a picture and see what you guys think!
  9. Hey guys, Today looks like a great today to clean the Z I'm also going to try and use some Headlight Restorer (QUIXX) and I got some 3M Shiny Purple Vinyl to put over, fingers crossed it looks decent! seen a few Zed's with it one recently. Has anyone else Wrapped/Tinted their Headlights?
  10. Cheers Guys! I've had mixed feedback about the Alloys, some people say it the colour does not suit the car but I like it
  11. I always check from Cold, Oil doesnt seem to stick on the dipstick accurately, I try and not catch it on things on the way out but sometimes its impossible and there is oil smugged all over the stick at that point I will try again today, if it's still half way betwwen the L/H then I assume its drinking oil
  12. I'm sure this has been asked many times before... I fully serviced my car around January 2020 putting exactly 4.7 Litres in, done around 1k miles and its the end of April now, havent checked the dipstick until now because its rubbish anyway, and I just don't know if the reading is correct, it's halfway between the L & H, so I topped it up with about 0.3 Litres... Ran car for a bit just to check, no smoke or anything, PSI on the gauge was a smidge higher than normal, not sure if its full or not due to the dipstick! has anyone else had this issue? and anything to solve it Cheers!
  13. Hey guys! Had my Zed since December 2019! and she's been great! 2003 350Z GT Pack UK Spec - 109k Mods done since owning: Japspeed K4 Exhaust Tarmac Sportz W-Brace Stainless Steel Brake Lines Full Alloy Refurb in Pepper Gray Loving it so far!
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