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  1. Sounds like a plan! Drop me a PM if you want to make a deal
  2. Bump. Still for sale. Open to offers, just drop me a PM! Cheers
  3. Diameter where they attach to the exhaust is 60 mm. The other end is around 4.25 inch diameter (outside)
  4. These are corroded / rusty, so I suggest they are only good for refurbishment. Key included. £20 + P&P Full set One good, one bad 12mm x1.25
  5. If you are interested in these, but you think they are over priced please drop me a PM. I'm open to offers!
  6. I'm told these have never been fitted, Torqen is selling them for £170. I'm looking for around £140 + Postage, but I'm open to offers, so if you are interested please drop me a message!
  7. Sorry I've only just seen this! e-mail sent to arrange payment. Thanks!
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