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  1. Just catching up with this ..... very nice indeed, glad it’s all come together eventually
  2. It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay and at 21k I would be willing ...not at 25k though
  3. If I didn’t have 2 fun cars already I’d be buying this ..... and don’t want the hassle of buying this then selling the golf
  4. This still for sale ? Would a very nice mk5 Pirelli Edition golf persuade you into a px?
  5. See you at tescos .... I'll be with the gay s2k boys though !! Good to catch up with some nice zeds though
  6. Good news .... glad it's not anything worse
  7. Adrian do these have airbags in or not ? I'm quite fond of airbags pmsl Hahaha
  8. I've driven both the R and SC and actually made an offer on a SC ( 1k under what the dealer wanted ) but wasn't excepted. These were both on my short list ..... and I came to the conclusion that it was just to hardcore for me as a weekend /sunny day car ! It rattle like mad , rock hard suspension and even the sc didn't feel that fast ! The build quality was horrendous on them and i just couldn't live with the fibreglass and worries of damage /repairs . I know you've had an s2k before but might be worth a look at again . Going up in value , cheap to run, with a few mods can be a little weapon and a lot better road going car than the Elise's imo
  9. This engine going to get built at all ? That intake looks very special indeed !! Nice
  10. Link please ..... need a laugh !
  11. ...... make the dirty little polish man work for his money !! Hahaha
  12. It's a big old fat car like the e92's Get the 6/4 pots Dan
  13. Yep .... I fitted like a treat but at 45-50k .... that's an expansive 2nd / fun car !!
  14. Wouldn't bother with 1m ( same as e92 m3 brakes ) they are pretty pants to be honest on track from evryone on the m3 cutters forum . I'd splash the cash on some decent AP/stoptech ones .... yes they cost quite a bit but look at what they go for 2nd hand . Get 70% of your money back when you take them off ! http://www.reyland.co.uk/s2000/ I'm looking at these for my car . Phoned last week and they can make brackets up for pretty much anything . Very helpful on the phone .



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