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  1. Yes of course, but is that a tow point too? thanks, james
  2. Hi, can someone confirm based on the below picture is that a rear tow point? It’s on the passenger side tucked up to the left of exhaust mount. secondly, if it is a tow point, does anyone have any tips on how to securely fasten the tow strap to this? thanks, James
  3. Hey, so I’ve recently replaced my front wheel arch liners with new torqen ones.. and I’m keen to get my oem undertray screwed on properly to finish the job. It’s been off for a couple months and was cable tied before so keen to get the proper hardware now! does anyone know the bolts/clips required and the sizes? Or even better a place that sells a kit? thanks, James
  4. LH & RH front set needed! thanks, james
  5. Currently have the nismo v1 bumper fitted but is in a state of disrepair... need a new replacement bumper and I believe v2 fits too? thanks, James
  6. Ah ok! I’ve sourced a rebuilt but will keep in touch if need other bits
  7. I see! I’m definitely interested. Could I give you a call tomorrow morning to discuss more? thanks, james
  8. Thanks nazman, is there any cons in doing so?
  9. Do you know if it’s compatible for fitting into my car?
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