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  1. This Fix just worked for me too, so thank you for that. I only took my Steering Wheel off and after refitting the bloomin' Air Bag light kept flashing so I thought I had jiggered something up. Happy now....
  2. Just sent you a PM, after rear brake caliper for the drivers side please, for a 2003 with standard brakes. Thanks.
  3. Yes very good, will use this guide shortly, shame the photo's have gone.
  4. Welcome on board from a fellow Roadster owner just over the border on the East side of Hampshire. Car looks great, nearly went for those wheels myself.
  5. Androlyn

    5th bow motor

    If anyone is after a 5th Bow Motor please send me a PM. Thank you, Andrew.
  6. Hello, welcome on board. I would just use your Z as it is and give yourself time to know the car and then decide what you want to do with it Looks neat..
  7. Hello and welcome on board, nice colour, I nearly went for one that colour but still got a Roadster. Enjoy the weather with the roof down.
  8. For those that are interested I now have a totally manual convertible roof operation, no motors, sensors, fuses, wires, switches etc are involved anymore. Just good old fashioned effort. But the rear panel and roof are not that heavy and move nicely enough once all motors are taken away. The only thing I need to do is wait for some stainless steel hardware to be delivered then I will be able to clamp the rear of the hood down when the roof is up, will be a simple bolts and wing nut operation. The bolt will come up through the roof storage panel cover and will be seen when the roof is
  9. Thank you for that, definitely coming along. Many things are down to personal choice of course
  10. Another update, a bit of a contradiction to something I said earlier in my ownership, but I fancied some 19" black wheels with lower profile tyres to replace my 17" Rays, (still keeping the Rays for now), been looking for a while and just purchased these second hand but fairly good condition. Actually don't look that old and the tyres are good too. The Wheels are Curva Concepts. Tyres are Khumo Ecsta PS91's - 265/30/19 Rear and 255/30/19 Front. I do feel it drives better now, and I like the look.
  11. Androlyn

    5th bow motor

    I do have one, I sent you a message through this forum, should be in your inbox?
  12. Androlyn

    5th bow motor

    Hi, I have sent you a "Message". Thanks, Andrew.
  13. Androlyn

    5th bow motor

    I have two working ones, very hard to find, would be prepared to sell one if persuaded...
  14. Thank you, it is sort of fun doing it and working through it. The whole roof design is good and when new dealers could help sort things I guess, some parts are hard to get now. The main problem is I am no mechanic or expert but I don't mind some basic stuff, but all the sensors and connectors on top of the actual motors just made me want to aim to convert over to manual. Cannot find anything anywhere on anyone doing this so I am making it up as I go along. Love the car, always loved these Z's and wanted a Roadster so determined not to simply let this go.
  15. I thought I would take a group photo of most of the motors involved in the roof operation that I have taken out of my Roadster. Not to mention the windows and passenger seat that need to move. These plus all the sensors, wires and connectors is no wonder when they get on a bit things go wrong, you only need one thing to fail and you have a problem!!! I had more than one problem and decided to head towards an all manual operation................getting there...
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