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  1. Some before and after photos of my some small clean up work on my Engine Strut Bar.
  2. Cleaned up and polished my exhaust. Some nice before and after shots below. It's currently stock, hope to upgrade soon. However, got to work with what I've got for now
  3. Not sure if this has already been posted, but just saw this on BBC News. My 350z already cost me £580 per year on road tax and I feel that is already too much. I struggle to see how this will help the environment. I thought to produce new eco-friendly cars, it uses more resources than my older car will do for the remainder of its lifetime. However, note sure about the facts on that. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-53169600 There must be 101 more effective ways to deal with climate change. Thoughts?
  4. Rainin

    300zx with my 350z

    Yeah It was taken in a bit of a rush, haha.
  5. Rainin

    300zx with my 350z

    Fun photos I took with my 350z and my friend's 300zx that I thought I would share. (Apparently I'm not good at taking photos haha)
  6. Had a look over the weekend. W-Brace needs replacing, ordered one last night. Kidneys look ok surprisingly. Oil seems ok.... for now ;)
  7. Hi Everyone, I've been lurking on the forums for a few weeks while looking for a 350z and love the community here. I'm a 22 year old noobie from Berkshire that just picked up a 2007 350z GT today. I plan to get the car wrapped and would like to make some other changes down the line. Not sure how that makes me stand with the purest here Quick pics of the car below now she's home Also, It would be great if anyone sees any immediate red flags with the car. Cheers.





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