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  1. Thanks for the enquiry. I will post better pictures on Tuesday and give more details on the spacers and other stuff in my shed.
  2. Yeah still got the cover and all the rest.
  3. My full set of vgc Rays wheels with unused Michellin pilot super sport tyres for sale. Wheels are in great condition with just one showing very slight curbing which is hardly noticeable. Two were fitted and driven ten miles home and two were just fitted but never driven. i replaced the whole set when I found a set of split rim HRC , S IN Denmark. priced at £800 the lot. Also have a second hand all weather outdoor cove for £ 40... cost me £ 140. various other bits and bobs including spacer and studs. All this lot for sale after selling my twice owner Midnight blue Z and changed to newish Audi A 8....great car but i miss the Zed. Please pm if interested. collection please from Richmond NORTH YORKSHIRE arranged collection.
  4. Mine runs at 2.5 k revs on startup and drops gradually down to around 800 after a few minutes. Had the rev up done at TDI northern. Normal for startup I believe.
  5. I need both intake hoses for my 2007 they as they have been split whilst replacing plugs. Any have these please ? Pm me thanks
  6. Volks Gtc 19 inch split rims.
  7. Hi again. To be honest I couldn,t tell you whether they are s tech springs,only that they,re brande Tein and are green ! By the way ,my previous post said I had Volkswagen wheels....should have checked....they are of course Volks//Rays.Pretty rare I believe as they are a discontinued line now. They also come with a gold spoke setup. Only drawback is that they are AnodisedAluminium so you can’t use the usual alloy cleaner on them. there,s an excellent YouTube video showing a blue z with these wheels and a good example of the guys engine dress....great music background too. type in the YouTube search bar San Marino blue 350 Z Michael Tegasantos .Let me know your thoughts.
  8. Hi and welcome. Got the same colour....big difference if you lower yours and put some nice wheels on.I managed to get some HTC 19inch Volkswagen split rims which set the car off well imho.
  9. Hi everyone. Not been on for a while but hope you can advise what the red blinking light on the top of my dashboard does. It flashes every two or three seconds whether the car is locked or not. I have these lights on the interior mirror of my Beemers but they only signify that the cars are locked and alarmed. Found my battery as flat as a pancake the other day with just three volts showing....it wouldn,t even accept my portable charger. RAC called out and put some juice in and now after trickle charging the battery is full. i was wondering whether the red light is indicating some source of power usage which might explain the flat battery as it,s only two years old. thanks for any replies MRT
  10. Midnight blue. Americans call it San Marino blue.
  11. Hi Luke... I,ve got virtually the same setup and had mine upreved at TDI two years ago. They managed 333 bhp. I only changed to OEM clutch and flywheel at Falcon in Middlesbrough. Same exhaust and cat setup. Made a big difference especially on acceleration and increased top end rev range. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. Coldel ....Just read your Celica thread....Amazing ! Sorry off topic I know but just going out.
  13. Genuinely sympathise with you Dan....currently recovering from a AAA operation after 12 hours surgery and now 8 weeks later only just getting my bowels in order. Talk about a submarine...I, ve had a fleet of them.....mind you ..some had whiskers and could have been baby seals. Makes you realise how important your health is ....good luck with your recovery Dan
  14. mrt

    New addition reward

    Well I live 1 mile from the Motorway and drive 35 miles up to my business three times a week so snooze control and automatic box keeps the speed cameras miserable. Plenty of poke in sports mode for the country lanes around here though...usually reserved for my toy car below
  15. Decided to treat myself after a recent major operation. BMW 520d Msport.....nice motorway cruiser for when I,m sensible !
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