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  1. Well don't filter '350z' on a Scrapyards website You know we live in the UK right?
  2. The lesson to learn is, go back to a corporate day out. I know I didn't attend but, 'Sponsored by Lichfield', Nissans only, Rockingham, It's just a bad recipe. Japfest two was held at Rockingham, and that didn't go down well, you've now shrunk the show down by 75% and use a venue that has proven to be unpopular for car shows. Personally as I said, should of just done exactly the same as what they did last year with the same location and focused more on providing a more luxurious area for club stand locations. Just my 2cents from someone who went last year, but not this year.
  3. Option A: Go to a local reliable garage, ask them to confirm if this is a 'bad' noise or if it's normal. If it's bad then head straight back to the dealers and have them sort it/refund. Option B: Head back to the dealers and have them sort it / refund you.
  4. Grundy

    Mij exhaust

    god i miss your car lol New owner sent me a video of him 'drifting' - Donuts on a gravel surface :(
  5. Grundy

    Mij exhaust

    Back box, http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/78825-grundys-eleanors-fat-ass/ There's a link to the work they did
  6. Grundy

    Mij exhaust

    PM Received. I liked my system, work was great. Perfect fitment, no knocks or rattles. Sounded good. My advice would be, do an online quote if they still do it. As I got quoted around 4-£500 for a full system. When I got there they tried charging me £700+ Until I showed them proof of the email. Also went there with my Golf previously, again same quality result.
  7. 'LF' = looking for. Guessing it's LF not iF #worldofwarcraftnerd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. £225 is an absolute steal for these. I'd just buy them at that price to sell them on closer to Winter. Bradders, hold onto that price, You've got the cheapest set for Sale at the moment. Update your thread title with the price, so google searches will show up.
  9. It's local to me, same fb group. It looks like they've just been freshly imported into Southampton Docks. So guess they've just slapped a plate on to drive to their destination.
  10. Ian didn't come out much, and these were when I first started using a camera
  11. Just click the IMG button to the right of the picture in photobucket and then just paste into this box
  12. Nice! Reminds me of when I started Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Just like the comment Hey, it's alright, I was joking. Peace be with you. Like The Comment!
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