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  1. Speak to Bob or Chris at Tarmac Sportz
  2. Well done Alex. Hope you are keeping safe and well my buddy
  3. Yes its at the top of tailgate or headlining. Been so long i can't remember since i had my issue
  4. Hi buddy I don't quite understand how it's a new logo I've been running it on my centre steering wheel for over 4 years
  5. Thank you buddy see you at Japanese performance. Are you going to the London cartel show on the 11th of August the week before.
  6. Pm me Graham if you decide on a price please
  7. Billeted effect bottle tops. Genius
  8. Who would have thought a few years back that Staggered Rims would be popular as they are today. In my opinion, then why can't we have a staggered car. Wider on the rear to match the aspect of the domed rim, with standard set up on the front matching the oem wings. Makes clear sense to those who have vision.
  9. More than adequate for this type of application. Strength can be gained through glass fibre resin over sealing, bonding the two units together. but prior to this, filling the cavity with Expanding Foam/Tiger Seal or Windscreen Sealer. All 3 would undertake a strong enough attachment as the Welding id a filthy job and nine times out of 10 will result in Welding Splatter.
  10. This procedure Mark has done is 100% to the book, if there was one on this application. With Tarmac supplying these panels and with the knowledge of Mark's fitting as a guideline, things can only progress on further. Very well done
  11. Absolutely spot on procedure. 100% Transformation.
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