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  1. Project Veilside 350z

    Has anybody been following this build? https://www.facebook.com/Project-Veilside-350z-1409589882504080/?hc_ref=ARQ9SFUhmOQn6D8sgEV2SK4B5wrldjmR27gqEraBTxjSciStvc2towXtSo_lC7MmCgo&fref=nf
  2. Zippypooz appreciation thread

    What awesome work he has done for you all.... Lovely when you find somebody who takes pride in their work. Great work buddy
  3. Zippypooz appreciation thread

    Looks lovely Martin. Set the back off perfectly
  4. Zippypooz appreciation thread

    Wow ... Looks stunning

    Martin you can always grind down the thread that protrudes the spacer with an angle grinder. Totally safe as long as you use bolt on Hubcentric spacers.
  6. Custom body shop

    Quite a job you have taken on there buddy. There is a few kicking about now so somebody will be able to offer some advice. Should you need a set of wheels for it i'm selling mine at the moment with new tyres £700
  7. Looking stunning buddy
  8. wanted>kuro black rear bumper small cover?!<

    Fit a camera in there
  9. First time on a forum

    Hello and welcome along buddy
  10. G.R.A.M.S Rear window Louvers [FINALLY]

    OMG what a finish to send out. Hope you can get it to your satisfaction
  11. Tommy Kaira

    Yes Rob has loads
  12. Hi Chris, with such a low mileage per annum, and still wanting to feel the buzz when you want to, find a car that is going to appreciate with value over the time its parked up.