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  1. Its that time...

    Have moved up north to my moms for a few weeks, then Im off to France Been more busy the last week than I have in the last while..... why is retirement so busy?
  2. Its that time...

    Thanks all.... definitely will post some pictures Last day in the office today and starting to get nervous about it now...... FINALLY!!
  3. Its that time...

    Cheers for the advice on where to go! Happy with any additional info or hidden gems. Adrian, definitely will do.... yes beautiful disaster comes to mind. French GF helps but will have other plans as well!
  4. Its that time...

    Well as some of you may have seen from other posts of mine, I will be going overseas, to move, to travel, to explore, etc. Tomorrow is my last day and I am not sure why but I dont feel anything about it, maybe its just because SO much is changing, so much to think about that I have decided not to worry about it. But oh well, onto the good news.... I am officially retiring from IT work, tomorrow is my last day - 10 days before my 39th birthday!!! No idea what I will be doing with my life, but commuting, sitting in an office, having the same arguments with different companies about HA/DR and security strategies will not be it! The route:- 2 weeks in Lincolnshire (best part of the trip) to see my mom before departing 2 months traveling around France (joy of having a French girlfriend) 2.5 months in Japan (taking orders ;)) 2-4 weeks in Taiwan (less traveled and looks awesome) 3-4 days in Hong Kong (just because...) 30 days in Bali (well to relax of course) And then finally back to France (some time in June 2018) where we will be staying for about 6-8 months while we make some money and work on our next trip The Datsun 240z and Ford Escort MK1 will both be getting completed and sold (sadly :(), however it does mean that I can buy a few cars in France first will be an old twingo, after that something like a 260z (not as expensive), Alfa, etc and see what life in the south of France is like. All this does mean that I will become rather quiet on here, but dont forget, I will be watching...............
  5. New project..... Datsun 240z

    New wheels waiting to go on
  6. How much!!!!!

    Had a discussion with a few fellow GTR owners a few weeks ago and quite honestly, I think that the price in the UK is artificially high as there is 1 person that seems to keep buying all the good imports before they arrive, he has a large collection of R32s and R34s. Honestly believe that the prices of the R34s are a bubble, because even the "shitbox" ones are getting high money, which is just silly considering how much will need to go into it to rebuild it properly.
  7. How much!!!!!

    R34 GTRs IMO that is a bubble Porsche old air cooled ones (I see them on the road quite a bit) NSXs most definitely Ford Cosworths
  8. ITS HERE....

    I honestly dont think the pics do it justice.... I was always 50/50 on the DB11 from the pics, but when I saw it for real, it was awesome! Audi R8 is boring - looks like the TT on the road BMW 540C - I wouldnt even consider buying one, just a road going barge And lastly, thats yellow, not green..................
  9. ITS HERE....

    I like aspects of it, but dislike others.... the grille is horrible and cheap! Exhausts I noticed immediately as well.... but good performance figures. I am guessing that it would be a similar price to the next GTR (which may or may not be hybrid powered and 700bhp) in which case, the price is quite good. Aston has more of brand image than the GTR, so I think it should do quite well. I prefer the old one though, so will find myself one of them soon (ish)!
  10. New project..... Datsun 240z

    dash repaired
  11. Singer Vehicle Design Porsche

    they are lovely..... expensive, but stunning!
  12. Retiring

    Whats taken you so long??? I retire from IT at the end of November, 2 weeks before my 39th birthday Absolutely agree with not being able to do 9-5 anymore......... CONGRATS!!!
  13. New project..... Datsun 240z

    She runs....... overfuelling slightly, but she runs! Waiting on front windscreen and dash repair, but mostly back together now After that I need to sort out the seats....
  14. Classic Car Show NEC

    I have a few friends that have driven for Sporting Bears, they always have a brilliant day! I have done similar at other events, always good fun and yes, we get nothing for using our cars like that, that actually surprises a lot of the people that I have taken out for passenger laps.
  15. Drift school EXPERIENCES?

    I have done the experience days (birthday for a friend), which is the standard donuts, figure of 8 and mini course, which is fun.... all done at slow speeds and 1st gear only. Then I did a full day with Learn2Drift........ now that was fun!!! For the price of an expensive track day, I got loads of seat time, private 1 on 1 instructor, who was VERY good, unlimited fuel and tyres. By lunch time I was doing initiating at the top end of 2nd gear with a scandi flick and clutch kick, the difference at speed is HUGE! At lunch time I was asked to do the mini course that they had setup for the "experience" group, most of them were struggling with it, it was just too easy! So the 1 on 1 time, additional seat time, more space, all really helped! The full day was absolutely worth the money! Would definitely do it again.... I struggled with the transition of the figure of 8s, but after 5-10 minutes got it sorted and its that transition that makes it fun EDIT - yes, I felt it gave me a lot more confidence on track, even in the GTR!