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  1. Alfa goes sideways
  2. Me too
  3. Looks stunning and sub 8 minute Nurburgring lap is just fantastic!!
  4. Going by that, I can get the same from Nissan.... the GTR dash was shiny silver and reflected like all hell, so I have dipped the dash and bought sunglasses - so Nissan should reimburse me
  5. My response will be of little use, but I have just started selling up everything as I am working out this contract (until 28 November 2017) and then I am retiring from IT....... to do what? absolutely no idea!!!! We will be going travelling, but other than that I have no idea what I will be doing with my days. First stop is Japan Work on my languages, violin, ummmmmmmm............. thats pretty much as far I as have gotten.
  6. Yeah mixed emotions on this one.... but change in life is worth it!
  7. I would have liked to have seen a bit more flare on the boot, but yes, stunning car!!! Maybe........
  8. Deposit taken
  9. More expensive than womens handbags
  10. Didn't think you could still buy a new 430..... losing your 430 scud on the first day, must suck
  11. Im an IT specialist in the SQL Server field (London based) and work as a contractor through my own LTD and have done so for 8 years or so now. Contracting is the reason I was able to afford the GTR and its the reason why at the end of this year I am able to step away from IT completely. So I am whole-heartedly behind contracting! The trick is learn how to live on a smaller salary every month, not having masses of expenses, etc. You also end up with spare/excess cash in the company (I term it "Forced Savings") but there are ways to eventually get the money out. Admittedly, the first 3 months were scary as hell, but now I wouldn't hesitate to not do it. I am constantly trying to talk friends into doing it.... I quite happily took a month off earlier in the year just to spend time with my girlfriend who wasn't working at the time and with all my holidays, I take of 2-3 months per year. PM me if you want specific info or questions, etc
  12. photos added - again
  13. oops - didnt realise.........
  14. Not to mention the flash addin crashing all the time and the loading of videos being terribly slow