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  1. JEEP Wrangler

    Absolutely! I have had my 190mph+ fun time for a different sort Always liked the Jeeps, something about being able to take the roof off and hose down the inside to wash it..... just seems simple
  2. JEEP Wrangler

    Oh nice.... so you have gone from dreams of 200mph to 2mph in the mud..... interesting Looks awesome fun though!
  3. New project..... Datsun 240z

    Thanks all! Cant wait for this to be done.... Not yet...... cant call it a car just yet
  4. JEEP Wrangler

    How many of them do you have? Saw a white one in a previous picture.....How many of them do you have? Saw a white one in a previous picture..... Red... Silver?
  5. New project..... Datsun 240z

    The latest
  6. How low will it go? GT-R Depreciation

    GTR depreciation..... hmmmm, I didnt lose much on mine after 6 years considering that the R36 should be here soon, I dont think it will have anything but a positive effect on the older cars. Rumours are that the R36 will be a hybrid, with 700+ hp, but most important, the price will be silly! Well over 6 figures, which means its no longer a easy/sensible purchase. That would in turn mean that the old cars will hold their value...... IMO
  7. New project..... Datsun 240z

    Colour is coming along nicely some more pics, colour is
  8. What would you choose.

    Having just come from 6 years of owning a GTR, with lots of time on track..... yes they are silly quick on track, but they are a GT car first, so it would depend on your goals. If you are intent on being the fastest thing out there and cost is of no concern, then yes the GTR is going to be good. If, however, you don't care too much about being the fastest and its more about the fun aspect, the GTR is not the car for you. I also ran a non supercharged MX5 (MK2) as a track car and that was a lot more fun than the GTR on track. When the MX5 got a SC it went from being the slowest (on small tracks) to only being passed by R8 V10s and GTRs and it was absolutely awesome to drive on track!! If like the rest of us, you want a car that is good at a mix, then the GTR is still very good.... long road trip over to Europe (Transalpina, Transfagarasan, etc) it is superb! It was an absolute pleasure and being able to drive the twisties and manage 190mph (derestricted) is just brilliant. The costs of running the car though, are very high.... tyres, well I killed a branded new set of R888Rs in 1 day at Bruntingthorpe, so that's 1k... Brakes, I was running Alcon discs and RS29 pads. 2 sets of pads to set of discs on the front. Pads were about 450 for the front set and discs were about 6-700 for the front set. You will be amazed how quickly it all adds up, especially when you start adding things like gearbox coolers (2.5k), suspensions (litchfields 4k+) and god forbid the gearbox goes.... 8k to rebuild roughly (once damaged). Personally, I would choose something old, reliable and fun - Datsun 240z, Ford Escort MK1, etc as the first car and then something like an Aston, C63 AMG or even a very big comfortable 4x4, etc as the second car.
  9. New project..... Datsun 240z

    Quick update, with some pics
  10. Your dream job?

    Honestly, for me, it wouldn't be a single thing, it would be a combination of a multitude of things, as I listed above.
  11. Your dream job?

    Thanks for the ideas chaps Im retiring from IT at the end of November and have been struggling with ideas! I also used to teach martial arts (wing chun and thai boxing) which was awesome, music (continue with the violin), help animals, volunteer in disaster zones, etc. I like the idea of a supercar (and classic car) taxi that's awesome! But no choice would I spend my days detailing those cars.... And how could I possibly forget, scuba instructor for
  12. Things I don't understand

    Since I spent my earlier 20s in South Africa, its a different lifestyle there.... Back then there were no services to help you get home after drinking, so you had to drive. Buses were unsafe, taxis non-existent and walking, well that was more dangerous. However, its much better there now, as they have services where people now meet you, put a holdup scooter in the boot and drive you home in your car. Although, I would be slightly worried if that was the GTR I do realise how dangerous that is/was, so am now completely against it....
  13. New project..... Datsun 240z

    VQ35 would be my choice I have done exactly the same! It will either make them money or send them the completely opposite way
  14. New project..... Datsun 240z

    Not a fan of the rocket bunny kit, however, it does have arch extenders, big wheels and a big front spoiler going on Massive shame...... but oh well, I still have the photos, but quite a mission to rebuild the history of the threads
  15. New project..... Datsun 240z

    It will be red, same colour the GTR is