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  1. Not my first classic.... had a Datsun 240z before - would love another
  2. Well, she officially lives and sounds pretty damn good on throttlebodies! Ok, the engine cover needs painting and the front fenders need their badges (had MEXICO badges, but removed them - have a set of ST170 badges to go on). Couple more things to do, mount ECU, hide some wires, make some gauges work, REMAP and thats about it.
  3. ZETEC engine and 5 speed type 9 gearbox are now in the car! Waiting for some more parts to finish off the fuel system, induction and electronics. Hopefully in the next few months.
  4. Update:- Well I broke it driving it back from Caffeine & Machine had some issues. Post failure, found low compression on cylinder 4, so took the decision that the pinto engine just wasnt up to the task. Queue the music Decide ZETEC 2l was a much better option, so a friend and I started doing some research and figured what could possibly go wrong. So I have bought a donor Ford Focus ST170, we have stripped both engines and gearboxes off the cars and ordered round 1 of 2 of parts for the conversion. Round 1 gets the and the new 5 speed gearbox into the car. Round 2 will get it running with the added benefit of throttlebodies.
  5. Good! Keep it, drive it..... maybe sell later.... Its great fun to drive!
  6. Update time..... she is road legal and is running The day started quite badly, wouldnt idle and lost all power to start. But after a fuse replacement and fixing a lose connection, the beast runs..... and she runs well! Still need to sort the fuel gauge (doesnt read anything) and the speedo (it only reads 20mph), oh yes and the brakes because pulling on the steering wheel is more effective than pressing on the brake pedal....
  7. Its a brilliant country, but has too many issues! The self imprisonment is one of the main reasons I left the country. I was lucky, I had a British Passport. The food is just fabulous and its not expensive! Especially coming from this side of the world. Nikon D850, but want something smaller/lighter for travelling. Oops, India is on the list that I wrote down, so its just an ommission - as well as Sri Lanka. That group of countries may well be 2 trips. I have lived in London (a rather busy city) and never felt more alone at times.... I guess its a different country and cant paint it with the same brush. Have done long term travel before, ex and I spent 3 months in Japan, 1 month in Taiwan and a few weeks in Shanghai and Hong Kong - all with a big backpack and small one. Loved it!! But now its alone, which I love the idea of, but also somewhat bricking it! That would be an interest! https://www.elitedaily.com/news/world/50-dangerous-cities-world Hmmmm Cape Town is more dangerous than Johannesburg..... damn things have changed! Looks like my South America travel ideas may be slightly on the risky side!
  8. Oh yes.... due an update! I received the V5 for this yesterday and a few weeks ago I changed the starter motor... she now starts perfectly, but idle needs a touch of adjustment. Other than that, she is sitting in the garage at my moms place. Tomorrow I will insure and take for a drive, once the weather clears a bit
  9. You most likely are not aware, but I grew up in South Africa in Cape Town stunning place, but such a shame the way the country is going. Definitely no fancy watches etc, but taking a fancy camera is a must, its a big hobby of mine. Definitely have that gut instinct, been to places in SA that I really shouldnt have!
  10. So, much has changed in my life and I am back in the UK for a little sorting some things out, while I prep for my next step in life and to be completely honest - I have absolutely NO idea what that will be! Bloody scary if I am honest and extremely grateful at the same time. But thats not the topic..... Travelling alone is. I am giving serious thought to taking a 4-6 week trip to Kenya, Zanzibar, etc in September to do Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro (maybe) and Serengeti migration. There will be more, but those are my top items. I have done short trips to Turkey, Czech Republic, driving trips into France, etc by myself, but this is next level..... and it scares the hell out of me! Just wondering if anyone has travelled alone and what the experience was like? This will also be a "step" in the direction I want to go, which is a much bigger/longer trip through Tibet, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, etc next year. Yes I am properly trying scare myself! Well outside of my comfort zone!!
  11. Well, I am back and the London apartment has sold, just waiting for it to complete. Estimated date is 1-15 June.... Today, I went for a drive through Lincolnshire, unfortunately it was in a 120d BMW, not exactly an exciting drive. So with the first part of my budget becoming available shortly, I have obviously prematurely started to look at cars. The budget is MAX £25k for this car. Needs to be fun and thats about it. I would prefer cars that dont cost a fortune to tax or insure. My list:- -Datsun Z car -Alfa Junior Any other ideas? Will consider LHD as well
  12. Of course, 1st world problems really! Makes it easier that I dont have kids or permanent home. Good luck with it!
  13. Oh most definitely.... once the travelling stops, there are a few ideas! Cars features heavily (of course) as well things like working with wood, restoring a house, building a GT40 as you do! For while I travel, there are a few other things including photography, but I am finding it difficult to spend time on the laptop to do the editing, etc. For forums, looking at cars, where to travel no problem, but when its associated with work, no chance. I also read a lot! There is also the current hobbies of trying to learn French, violin and drawing and an avid climber the list goes on
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