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  1. Nr Putanges Pont Ecripin, couldn't help ma self
  2. Auch. Quite a big place good hotel plenty of bars and restaurants in the town centre but parking can be a problem, I ate in the nearby villages as my hotel was on the outskirts of town. Very historic place plenty to look at, zoom in on the statue I always thought he was a fictional character but then I'm not a educated man.
  3. Vers Collioure, absolutely stunning wee place came across it on my drive down the coast from Argeles sur Mer to the Spanish border. It's one of those places you just to sit and look at, again quiet at this time of the year but one bar owner (honestly I was having a coffee) Said it was absolutely chaotic in the summer.
  4. Argeles sur Mer, lovely wee place on the med good hotel with a few good restaurants within 10min walk. Very quiet at this time of year but can only imagine what it would be like in the summer. Putting up more pics today as it's persisting down in La Rochelle today.
  5. Pont du Pouzin, good hotel on the banks of the Rhone, good food. Buy a map and head towards Gap and use the side roads, excellent fun
  6. Villiers-sur-Suize, nice wee place hotel reasonable, good food. Some good driving roads in the area.
  7. Nope doing a road trip, I put my route in the "road trip" section.
  8. Havin a fkn blast, cut up to la Rochelle today
  9. Bought a map didn't do the usual tourist stuff
  10. I'm on my road trip in France 2,260mls so far never saw a 350/370 till today saw a white 370z on the back of a car transporter still with its wrapping on going round the Bordeaux ring road this morning
  11. I had one as well back in 1970, it was my first car it was also the first car I experienced the joys of the bench seat with a laydeeee.Happy days.
  12. Playing in the Alps today, stopped to let the Z cool down
  13. Zed parked up in Langres France. And one in let woods



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