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  1. Regularly get the finger when overtaking , don't know if it's the car or the auld grey haired bloke driving
  2. Sometimes you just walk round the house 
  3. NeeZ

    Original Radio

    Thanks for that, slightly over weight, long time since I was a boy still pretty nippy tho
  4. NeeZ

    Original Radio

    Evening, maybe stupid question but how can you tell if the original radio was bose or not? non original in my car at the n moment. I want to replace
  5. Try chipex they can usually find it with your reg.
  6. I had a mysterious rattle in the n/s dash in my 350z, looked and looked for it to months turns out that it was the battery retaining bolt ( the hooked one ) hadn't been fitted properly and was rattling around on rough roads ( not by me ) found it by complete chance.
  7. I've just had my rear bumper and the fixing brackets replaced through my insurance company after being rear ended, the garage told me that the bill was £1650 plus a courtesy car for a week with no issues about the cars value (05- 350Z).
  8. When you leave Muir of Ord are you cutting through to lairg ?
  9. Thoroughly recommend France for a touring holiday I"ve done it twice now in the Z, the only thing i did was go off peak season I went March/April this year and end of August/ September last year better deals to be had with hotels. I've done France before in the summer season and the Roads, towns are very busy as are the hotels, restaurants and bars, I also try and stay away from the popular tourist spots and use the back roads more smiles per miles.
  10. The thing with sugru is you can actually play about with it for a wee while before it goes off it takes a few uses till you get the hang, lots of good work in your build thread . Found anything else to use sugru on yet?
  11. Okdok I'll just sit in the house wi ma windows open and listen for you all coming
  12. Hi, what time will you be leaving Muir of Ord to head North? As I plan to ambush you about Golspie / Brora and join you all for the day



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