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  2. NeeZ


    Tried to get rid of the reg, vin but don't have the skills can one of the " management " do this?
  3. NeeZ


    Mot passed today, no advisory.
  4. NeeZ

    Brexit again

    Some interesting reading ,https://ec.europa.eu/info/brexit_en
  5. I wasn't meaning with the view to take legal action but purely and simply a informal chat.
  6. Maybe try and speak to the people you bought the house from if you can to see if they had issues with him?, then you'll know if he's a career dickhead or he's p****d of at you for some reason. I had the same sort of problem some years ago and found out that the neighbour was p****d of with the previous owners, armed with this info the feud was quickly ended, might be worth a shot.
  7. NeeZ

    Calendar 2019 - ORDER HERE

    Mines arrived this morning, noice .
  8. NeeZ

    Is a thicker oil worth it?

    Yes it used the same when the oil was new, it was not using as much oil till I changed to casrtol edge as it had just had a service/oil change done by the previous owner the garage used Fuchs 10w-40 according to the receipt that was in the car so I was topping up with this when required. I changed to Edge before I went for a tour round France last year( I had used this in previous cars and found it to be good oil), that's when I really noticed the high oil consumption after long fast distance driving 1800 miles in total and checking every day . The millers oil is still doing well so I'm delighted.
  9. NeeZ

    Is a thicker oil worth it?

    Well my 05 Z was using oil about 1ltr every 600mls when I was using castrol edge 5w-30 then I changed to Millers NANO 5W40-5 and so far my oil consumption has dropped to 250ml per 1200mls.
  10. NeeZ

    Pela pump

    well the pela pump works perfect on the Z , three oil changes done
  11. NeeZ

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    Well been out for a spirited drive this morning and can feel the difference a bit more oomph and seems to sound a bit lower note from the exhaust , not sure if the sound thing is just my imagination or not.
  12. NeeZ

    Plenum Spacer Kit

    Hi reeceybeany finally got round to fitting my spacer today all fitted like a glove, good quality parts. Thanks .
  13. I have every intention to join in for a day or two , when you guys have sorted out your route/ times etc looking forward to it.
  14. Just a little something from my local rag, I live on the NC500 route and the local plod are always on the lookout.This has only come about because of the horrendous driving of some of the people doing this route, I do like to use my Zed to its smiles per miles potential but the speed some clowns come through the village were I live and other villages on the route is fkn stupid to say the least. However that said there are many many miles of isolated road were any Zed driver can have loads of fun not all at high speed I do most weeks, hell I have fun visiting one of my sons and never go over 35mph . I will now step down from my soap box, apologies if required https://www.northern-times.co.uk/News/P ... 092018.htm