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  1. I did offer you my 100 mile old system.. you could have had it for £600.. no good to me as I can't drive my car any more due to a spinal injury, so have returned it to stock to sell.
  2. Like I've already said, it is what it is.. I choose not to take Arnold Clark's £50 for it or anyone else's £15k for someone else to make a stack out of it, end of. This has gone wildly off-topic now, so probably best to close the thread, as it was all about jacking the car up to keep it in the first place.
  3. It is what it is.. I'm gutted to have to sell it in the first place. I tried to get into it yesterday but couldn't even duck under the roof on the passenger side, so jacking her up won't work.. she's definitely got to go. Adrian from Torquen is trying to do a deal with me as he needs a show car for a load of things they have coming up, but as he's offering the same as my local trader (£15k), it seems like that isn't going to work for the hassle in getting it to him etc. I'll see if he can improve on his offer, as I have said he can have it for £15.2k without the wheels (as he's putting different wheels on anyway), which is stupid cheap for the car.. if he doesn't come through, I'll fire it onto Autotrader where it'll be the cheapest and lowest mileage late model in the country by a massive margin..
  4. I'm not local, but it was the best move I made.. I have resonated short tails, too loud and droning, then Coobra cat back, utter rubbish for power and then fitted a V2 Gemini.. it smoothes out the power and sounds great.. My car is up for sale due to spinal surgery and the system has only done 200 miles max, so if you want a bargain, pm me..
  5. Thanks for that..We're happy to put up with people as there's nothing to hide on the car, and I just need the one person who recognises a bargain to buy it.. WBAC came up with £12,500, which, although a p#ss take, at least wasn't as bad as Arnold Clark's £50!! If no-one goes for it in the next week, I'll either take the £15k trade offer or try Autotrader..
  6. Yes, I think you're right.. its just such a shame to part with it for silly money, but there you go.. I don't want reliability issue or aggrevation with aibag suspension, just consider if something were to stop working if I stopped for a coffee when I was out for a drive, I'd be royally stuffed!!
  7. Thanks for that. My wife took it to WBAC and as expected, they underbid other traders at £12,500.. I'm considering my options but I really don't want the trade to get it for £15k, so will pop it on Autotrader if no-one meaningful privately gets in touch in the next week.
  8. Yeah, it was never my intention to ever sell it as I bought it with 2,500 miles on it.. after months with no pay (zero hours) and finally surgery (£20k private), I'm certainly tanking, so I'll consider WBAC over the weekend and then take stock. Hilariously, Arnold Clark offered me £50 and they'd pick it up same day..
  9. Very true.. if nothing else I can report back exactly what happens with WBAC! Watch this space..
  10. I stuck it on ebay but had nothing but traders and losers.. Depending on how this weekend goes, I'll either sell to the trade, try Autotrader or stick it in an auction.. none is a good option.
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