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  1. Thanks, mine is set up as it should be and I run Yokos, so maybe it's that.. I just don't want to puke out another £300 on front tyres to find it just needed the track widening to take away the unstable (in my mind) feel..
  2. Coming from a very stable car I find my 370 very twitchy on my favourite backroads.. are these meant for the front, as I figure that might improve things?
  3. Any pics of the exhaust fitted to your car?
  4. Long shot but I don't suppose someone has a good front S007 hanging about? I have one nearly new, so it'd be a shame to chuck it out but I'm struggling to find a matching tyre.. Cheers!
  5. Thanks, I'll get deciding!! Hopefully whichever will be a good fit and I don't have to dick about for hours with spacers..🙄
  6. I'll have a bonnet from my 2017 car available once I locate a good carbon one if that's of any use to you..?
  7. Any recommends oout there for a GOOD FITTING unit that's generally available in the UK? Thanks in advance! 😎
  8. I have a spare set of resonated short tails in stainless if you want them for £150.. just pm me.
  9. Thanks, I'd be sure he's seen it.. garden sculpture it is!!
  10. Odd.. let's see if someone else comes up with an idea for finding the cause..
  11. Also, curiously.. my nav etc. was all working fine but my 'staus' screen had no figures or graphs. The dash econometer etc. was working fine.. Anyone with black magic/electrical skills care to comment??
  12. Yes, I had the same yesterday with a minus 5 degree start and a 300 mile journey to do! I tried re-booting the car a couple of times but nothing worked, so I had to crack on with fingers firmly crossed! Luckily I had no steaming up at all as some heat was bleeding through the vents. I stopped for a coffee after about 150 miles and started googling the problem without any joy.. I re-started the car and Bingo!, all working 100% again.. weeeeird??!! Mine is a 2017 manual GT.. Anyone have any thoughts?
  13. Anything in decent condition for my 2017 car.. mine's sagging on the OSR, but I'd rather get replacements now and then dive into it..
  14. Anyone in the Uk have something to suit late model 370? Thanks in advance!
  15. No-one?? I guess I'll think of an architectural thing I could do with it..
  16. Let's have some pics then..
  17. Anyway, so does someone want a lage new paperweight?
  18. No worries at all..thanks for keeping an eye out!
  19. Ah, usual story, they say they didn't touch the rear of the car and that the bolts had shaken loose on their own 'as it's been stood'.. In the eyes of the law, it can't be proved they cocked up (although the balance of probability is stacked against them), but it's not worth the aggrevation (to me). I have enough stress in my life! They fitted a new main battery under warranty (wow!) while it was in and didn't bolt that down properly or secure any of the trim panels under the bonnet correctly with their little plastic pins either, so it really points to people not giving
  20. They won't take it back, unfortunately.. After repeated days and days of diagnostic work they couldn't find the issue with the car (only 3,000 miles old, but been stood for a long time inside). They did managed to alter the geometry of the car and also leave subframe bolts at the rear of the car undone, so they nearly fell out.. I have some pics on my phone and I'll try and upload them. Success.. here's when I looked under the car after a 35 drive home from the dealer.. I stripped all the bushes, bolts and mounts out, greased them all and had it realigned (a
  21. I was recommended to buy this by my local Nissan dealer and funnily enough (not!), it turns out the problem was not related to the front subframe at all.. So, now surplus to requirements and taking up room.. bit dusty now.. Cost me about £900, does £250 sound enough of a bargain?
  22. Only for sale as I’ve gone less shiny with the whole car.. I will split the set and sell individually if required. Here is a set of 19" genuine Rays from my 2017 370z with only 2,800 miles on it (one careless previous owner!!). The set are staggered with the fronts being 19"x9", the rears 19" x 10". All have marks as can clearly be seen in the pics and each is described ACCURATELY below. Descriptions below based on orientation.. OSF - small marks to one slim spoke OSR - slight ramp rub to the rim and a small ar
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