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  1. Terence

    Face lift bonnet

    Hi all I’m still looking for a facelift bonnet with bulge cheers
  2. Hi is there any planed dates for meets at Castle Coombe in the spring?
  3. Terence

    DE Bonnet

    Hi,is it a facelift bonnet with bulge
  4. Hi has anyone have pictures of carbon fibre side skirts fitted to a grey 350z roadster. Im looking at a set of G.R.A.M.S
  5. Terence


    Thanks for your reply I’ll see the local dealer tomorrow.
  6. Terence


    Thanks for the info do I just go to a Nissan dealer or could you supply?
  7. Terence


    OME PREOWENED I would think a new one would be to expensive Yes facelift with bulge
  8. Terence


    Hi I’m looking for a350z 2006/7 bonnet
  9. Hi,what a great day at Castle Coombe last Saturday, This was my first meet with the club. Ive had two 350z one coupe and at present a roaster. Has anyone got photos of the day. Cheers Terry
  10. Hi Could you tell how do I pay Thanks Terry
  11. Count me in Terence vortex 3 416bhp many mods to many to mention
  12. Hi,I am writing to thank Jez and all the lads for doing a great job on my 350 roadster. Vortech supercharger fitted , 287bhp on uprev now 416bhp. The car fly’s . I have now fitted 370z gt rims and tyres to help with traction. i would recommend Horsham to everyone.





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