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  1. My original lasted 17 years. I have fitted with new OEM and protected it with Bilt and Hamber Dynax UB prior to fitment.
  2. Over 170,000 miles! Was initially doing 30,000 miles a year!
  3. I’ve had mine since new for over 15 years! Currently my daily driver.
  4. 350doc

    100,000 miles

    A bit over 160,000 miles. I've slowed down in the Zed a bit!
  5. 350doc

    100,000 miles

    Car still going strong. Last MOT a couple of months ago: no advisories!
  6. 350doc

    100,000 miles

    I am on c. 160,000 miles at the moment. She is currently having a rest though, a couple of things need mending!
  7. 350doc

    100,000 miles

    I use Motul RBF600.
  8. 350doc

    100,000 miles

    That's a lot of miles!
  9. 350doc

    100,000 miles

    I have indeed hit 150,000 miles!! I have not repleaced the clutch since 120,000 miles; before that I replaced it at c. 60/70,000 miles. I think there was something up with some of the early ones. I have bought a spare clutch and flywheel though. No rust yet! Some bubbling of paintwork on oine of the wings, but otherwise nothing!
  10. I'm on 145,000 miles; minimal expedditure this year!
  11. The 'upgrade' xenon lights emit a whiter light, but not a brighter light; you actually see less with them. As has been mentioned, you can change the aim a bit. You could upgrade to MY07 Bi-Xenon lamps, but this is very expensive (hundreds). You could upgrade the halogen main beam to a brighter bulb (eg by Osram/Phillips).
  12. 350doc

    100,000 miles

    Thanks! test drove a 370Z the other day, and went round Silverstone in one. Keeping the 350 though.
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