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  1. Can collect my rear bumper in orange for £40 if you want, take the sideskirts too for £50 no cracks etc just the car has sold and want shut of them - north wales
  2. For it to fit a de, you need the centre console, knee pads and centre part the handbrake etc sits in, also some wiring mods for the hazard switch, fairly easy, I know because I swapped out my HR one for a de, one of the few that actually prefer the older one!
  3. Sold sorry mate forgot about this post
  4. Cheers mate! I really need to get a build thread up on here, been on for years in just lazy !
  5. I have one collected £80 great condition temper orange wrexham
  6. Not a problem as soon as it's off I will do!
  7. IL have one on Thursday, not an issue with it, just putting a titanium one on !
  8. Hi mate I have a rear bumper, sprayed in temper orange, recently one just went for £100 on here so how's about £60 to help you get back on the road !
  9. You need the knee pads too mate, I swapped my facelift for pre facelift not long ago, also you may need to adjust the wiring for the hazard switch, it's all preference which style you like, for me I preferred the pre facelift
  10. And your son does some outstanding camera work, worth checking king out 240films and you can see the quality of the wraps and apms work there!
  11. Hi mate, yes me and the Mrs both have ours wrapped, but just remember, any imperfections will show through, something I didn't realise how thin the vinyl is, I mean slight scratches not even that deep will, also if the paints bubbling the vinyl won't stick properly, I have had mine a year now the Mrs has had 2, the colour is like the day we got it, and the job from Apm was amazing not one bit of peeling, but both are due a front end rewrap after that time for stone chips, any questions feel free to pm, wrapping is a brilliant cheap alternative, although it will never shine like paint, if I did
  12. May I ask why you want a true rear coilovers set up? Are you planning on taking part in Motorsport with the zed? For a road use and odd track day it's abit overkill, I think you also need to do some supporting mods for a true coilovers as regards to strengthening the rear mounts
  13. Added a rough delivery cost and redcuded the price accordingly
  14. Open to sensible offers, nothing silly though I paid quite abit for this kit
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