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  1. hi everyone this is a post just to make you all aware of a issue i recently had with the k-sport big brake kit i inherited when i bought my z, firstly when i bought the car there was always a slight brake judder but nothing to be concerned about. recently the brake judder became a lot worse and was definitely something that needed immediate attention, the judder felt like it was coming from the rear with little to none being felt through the steering wheel, the rear calipers where extremely hard to remove and on first glance the calipers didn't seem to be retracting on brake releas
  2. Hi guys, I require 2 rear adjustable shock absorbers as mine have failed, but am willing to buy a 2nd hand full coilover set if in good condition.
  3. Hi guys as seen in the title, today I found out that my Rear left HSD dualtech shock absorber has failed and I will require a new rear pair, I tried contacting HSD for a replacement pair but they will only sell me a complete coilover package, if anyone has any ideas on good coilover packages that would be great or know of anyone selling a 2nd coilover set that would also be great.
  4. basically the zed will be a track car and would rather get the coilover setup done, ive seen the required modifications and am fine doing them myself
  5. hi im currently after a true rear coilover set as the previous owner of my car cheaped out and didn't go for a true setup, i preferably only want the rears but will take the whole set if the price is right thanks in advance.
  6. im usually in and around chelmsford might have been me !
  7. Will pm about anti roll bar bushes if not already gone
  8. i currently am running hsd coilovers which still have the rear spring bucket, looking for a true coilover setup. can be second-hand.
  9. Most likley wood as a template then once happy with the dimensions, move to probably a 2-3mm sheet metal ,most likley aluminium sheet.
  10. hi guys, I am currently building a track focused Z with the intentions of turning it into a full on track only car, in the next few months i will be building a sump guard that will have two air ducts connected to the front brake assembly via some flexible air ducting. i have a rough 3D cad design and it would be great if people are up for some dishing out some feedback , it would also help if i could have people that are interested in getting one, to message me as i may be able to reproduce if there is enough interest, i am a Motorsport design engineering student so this is som
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