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  1. Hi! Yes turns out the ABS sensor wire was being stretched. No idea how, the strut clip was a little bent out of shape. Car is lowered no idea how it happened then but that was easy 6000 miles ago... Either way I removed the wire from the strut clip altogether and it solved the issue as I restarted the car. I used a friends snap-on code reader to locate the offending side and corner. I did panic it was going to be a £630 sensor from Nissan but lucky in the end it has been fine for the last 1000 miles. Hope yours is an easy fix.
  2. Hi, yeah brake fluid level is at maximum...
  3. I have an ABS light, Anti Skid light and a Traction OFF light all on the dashboard at once. I was just driving into town for fuel and they came on randomly. Turned the car off and back on again and they disappear. Drive another random length of time 2 mins - 50 mins and boom they reappear. Any advice? Tried to Google it but everything says "check brake fluid" ..... Is it ABS sensor? Mileage is 59,000....
  4. Excellent. Let me know details if so. Thanks
  5. Title says it all! Get checking in your loft or shed! Looking for a 370Z Nismo Exhaust, doesn't have included Y pipe or mid section depending on what you have available / laid around. PM me. Cash waiting.
  6. Hi all, (not sure if this is in the right place but I'm struggling to find current info) I have a 370Z in Black and want to look at fitting a carbon rear diffuser... There is a particular style like the Evo R version but open to others ... My question is are there any UK suppliers? Do Tarmac Sportz still retail them? Any info would help. I have seen some eBay items but they are all shipped from China etc and quality questions etc..... Thanks in advance
  7. Hi, I just returned from Donington MSVT track day yesterday 14th Jan in my 370Z! First time its been out since August and on lap 2 my clutch pedal stuck down half way and would not return to the top! Car couldn't be pushed at all even though i did some afternoon laps the issue just got worse until i called it a day at 2pm.... checked my clutch fluid before I left and the stuff was black :'( Enjoyed the drive around but feels a bit of a waste.... will have to go back again when its sorted. I'm assuming its the CSC, maybe just fluid, but with 57K on stock clutch it looks like its all
  8. Hey Ranj, nope not running decat, I will do a rev up video and a cold start video so you can hear the noises and will drop a couple more pics on after work tomorrow.
  9. Also fitted mine today and I can completely agree that they are a remarkable improvement over the stock unit. A lovely burble at low revs and really enjoyable sound in the higher rev range. Ive done about 40 miles and some motorway and I agree there is no noticeable drone over the tyre noise in 6th at 60, 70, 80 + . If I were going to be picky I would agree that the fitment is not perfect. They do indeed stick out alittle more than stock and it might be something I can address at a later date. For now I do have some videos and pictures and will upload them soon. Just some quick one
  10. I have also ordered a set and they have arrived. Quality build and they look awesome. I won't get them fitted until Tuesday so if you get them on before update. I will load a few pictures and videos also for anyone who might be interested in them
  11. Just spotted these and deciding whether or not to order a pair for my 12' GTE. Good price. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Performance-Exhaust-Backboxes-for-Nissan-370Z-3-7-V6-Dual-4-5-Tailpipes-/263745159140
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