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  1. Are there not any inherent risks with just removing the heat shield though? Surely it is there for a reason?? Would it not lead to an increased risk of components overheating or burning or even catching fire? Do many people do this? Apologies, I'm not great with the mechanical side of things.
  2. Hi guys, Just after a bit of advice, during my first track day at Donnington 6 months ago, the heat shield around the exhaust/catalytic convertor came a bit loose and was making a rattling sound. I took it to a local garage, they told me that the heat shield had some corrosion and they managed to secure it as best they could. However there is still quite a bit of rattling from underneath the car, especially on starting the engine and manouervering at slow speeds. Very annoying and want to get it sorted. Can't hear it at all during normal driving. Just took the car in for service/MOT which it sailed through but they did note - "Exhaust rattle from offside heat shield rotten". They couldn't secure it anymore unfortunately. Is this something I would need to take to a Nissan dealership if it requires a new heat shield? If so would it be relatively cheap to sort or would they completely rip me off? And would there be any other alternative? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all your advice guys, had new pads/discs and tyres all round a few months ago so they should be fine but will check tyre pressures and tyres for bulges and other damage etc. Looking forward to it!
  4. Got my first track day at Donnington coming up. Was just wondering if there was anything special I had to do to 'prepare' my 370z for track use? Apologies if there are similar posts or a guide somewhere, I did have a search but couldn't find anything comprehensive. Thanks.
  5. To OP.... I had this same issue 5 months ago, with my 59 plate 370z, it had already had the steering lock replaced 4 years ago under the recall but failed again. I also took mine to Arbury Nissan in Bromsgrove, they charged me £1900, the part itself was around £1400. I would be very interested to know how they can quote you £900?!?! Nissan customer services and Arbury were horrendous throughout, in terms of keeping me updated, providing me with a courtesy car etc and Nissan customer services refused to pay anything towards the repair, stating it was a 'wear and tear' issue, despite the fact that the steering lock issue is widespread and well evidenced.... In fact I was on the verge of just selling the damn car (which I love) in protest,, as I was so aggrieved by this. I am still on the fence about it. Anyway, rant over.
  6. Hi Guys/Gals, Long time forum lurker here from the West Midlands. I’ll try and make this brief and to the point, although its very hard when you can feel the anger welling up inside you! I bought a 59 plate 370z GT almost 4 years ago, Jan 2014. Absolutely love it. It is my pride and joy. Unfortunately the previous owner had neglected to take the vehicle in for the electronic steering lock recall which affected 59 and 10 plate 370z’s in addition to a load of other Nissans. Predictably, my Z breaks down with this problem within 3 weeks of buying it. Had it recovered to Arbury Nissan in Bromsgrove, who fixed it under the recall free of charge. The replacement part number fitted was D8700-JF00D. All good so far. Fast forward to two weeks ago, and my Z again falls foul of the steering lock problem. Again had the vehicle recovered to Arbury Nissan, who have quoted me £1800 to fix it!! Along with a number of other customer service related issues (not updating me for days despite me repeatedly chasing them up, not sorting a courtesy car etc) I contacted Nissan head office who assigned a case worker to the case. Bottom line, they said that although it’s the same part that has failed again, any parts they fitted under the original recall only have a 12 month warranty, and that any failure of the part at this point they would regard as ‘wear and tear’. They said they were not willing to contribute anything towards the repair. (I have not always used Nissan for servicing but they said they would not contribute anything even if I had). The new part number they will fit is 487001NC1B. I informed them that I did not consider the steering lock to be a consumable part on a car such as tyres, brakes etc, and that a second failure of the part within 4 years shows that there are clearly serious ongoing issues with it. I also pointed out that the replacement part which they fitted under the recall did not even last as long as the original part for which they recalled the vehicle in the first place!! How can that be possible?? I have spent a long time reading posts on this forum regarding this, the fact that new 370z’s aren’t even built with steering locks any more, I have seen mention of the fact other owners have experienced a second steering lock failure after the original recall. I am not averse to spending money on my Z, its not exactly an economical car, I spend a lot on tyres, road tax, and a small fortune on fuel. But I knew all this when I bought it and am fine with it. I just cannot get over the feeling that I have been well and truly wronged with this steering lock issue. Am I supposed to just stump up £1800 every few years every time this part fails?! I am seriously considering taking this up with the Motoring Ombudsman. Has anyone had any experience of the steering lock failing for a second time and also what are people’s experiences of referred disputes to the Motoring Ombudsman? Many thanks, from a very unhappy Z owner.





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