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  1. Bikeracer

    Bracknell meetup

    I get trade discount at Halfords if that’s any good to you on a new battery.
  2. Bikeracer

    Japfest Silverstone - 5th May 2019

    1. Zero:One 2. Panman - Azure P44 AAN 3. Zelda 4. Silverthorn 5. Shire 6. Umster 7. Grumpyoldjanner 8. wvSTUwv 9. Bikeracer1098
  3. Bikeracer

    Bracknell meetup

    Sorry only just seen this as I’ve been working nights. Did you guys meet up yesterday?
  4. Bikeracer

    370z nismo resonated from torqen.

    Looks great, I work in Reading, I’ve got a black Nismo.
  5. Bikeracer

    Bracknell meetup

    I’m based in Camberley
  6. Bikeracer

    Is a catback worth it?

    That’s not true as I have a Cobra cat back system and Japspeed test pipes fitted to my Supercharged Nismo.
  7. Bikeracer

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    They have agreed back in February to replace my drivers seat on my 2018 Nismo, however as I am currently rejecting the car I have not had the seat replaced.
  8. Bikeracer

    ART Test Pipes

    Should be able to find a friendly MOT tester.... Ive got Japspeed test pipes and Cobra catback on my Supercharged Nismo, no issues with fuel smell.
  9. Bikeracer

    ART Test Pipes

    Really tempted to replace the Japspeed test pipes on my Supercharged Nismo with Motordyne Art test pipes. The current set up with cobra cat back if far too noisy. Woundering how much noise reduction I would achieve with the Motordyne ART test pipes?
  10. Bikeracer

    Quiet decats

    I’ve got a Cobra catback system along with test pipes on my Supercharged Nismo and it is extremely noisy, especially between 4000-5000RPM Not sure why people talk about the smell as the system on mine smells no different to a standard Nismo. Thinking of possible modifying the rear box or fitting Motordyne Ark test pipes to reduce the noise levels.
  11. Bikeracer

    We Buy Any Car

    Just as an aside, with BREXIT discussions and dears etc the housing market and second hand car market is currently dead. None of the prestige top end cars are currently selling even though some of the asking prices have been slashed by 20% of so. Try GetItGone and
  12. Bikeracer

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    Exactly..... lol
  13. Bikeracer

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    Unfortunately credit card companies under section 17 can only assist on purchases up to £29,999-99. Anything over £30k and your not covered. How ridiculous. The more you spend the less protection you have!!
  14. Bikeracer

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    Unfortunately not, Nissan have not yet agreed to accept the Car back, it is currebly with the Financial Obnisman Nissan Finance (RCI Finance) are controlled by Nissan Motor GB, rather than RCI Finance responding to the Financial Obnisman, Nissan Motor GB have muscled their way in and are responding to the Financial Obnisman directly, even though it is the Finance company who should be responding and dealing with the issue. One of Nissan motor GB recent comments were is it a genuine problem or a minor inconvenience ..... Nissan motor GB have told the Financial Obnisman that problem was due to the alignment machine at one of their High Performance Centres (which Nissan GB own), not being calibrated. I have since obtained a copy of the calibration certificate, however Nissan GB are still disputing this and saying that the 4 wheel alignment equipment is not calibrated...... lol I have also had in-depth discussions with the senior engineers from the company who supplied, fitted and commissioned the 4 wheel alignment equipment at the Nissan High Performance Centre. The same company have also undertaken an annual calibration tests on the equipment and have also issued yearly calibration certificate for the equipment. If Nissan were correct (which they aren’t) I advised Nissan GB that I should advise trading standards that Nissan dealers are using 4 wheel calibration equipment which has not been calibrated but are charging customers in excess of £100 for 4 wheel alignment checks and adjustment. Out of interest Nissan motor GB own all West Way Nissan dealerships. (Aprite (GB) Limited, trading as West Way Nissan, operates as a dealer of new and used Nissan cars and in the United Kingdom. It also provides service and repair, on-site motability, personal contract hire, and business leasing services. The company was incorporated in 1996 and is based in Rickmansworth, United Kingdom. It has dealership locations in Aldershot, Altrincham, Basingstoke, Birmingham, Birmingham South, Coventry, Hanwell, Manchester, Mill Hill, Oldham, Rochdale, Southampton, Stockport, Stourbridge, and Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Aprite (GB) Limited operates as a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.) I have also been in contact with Nissan motor GB, Managing Director. From the top down Nissan motor GB are a dodgy outfit. Just when you thought the Consumer Law regarding rejecting a Car was clear (Black & white), some companies are obviously prepared to laugh at the law and stick up two fingers at it. May well land up in County Court if a resolution is not achieved prior to that.
  15. Bikeracer


    Only just seen this, is it too late to buy tickets?