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  1. Bikeracer

    370z exhaust

    Have you tried a Nismo Exhaust with High Flow Cats?
  2. Bikeracer

    New Tactile Steering Wheel

    Looks fantastic. Jacks attention to detail is second to none. How did he manage to major the bottom of the wheel flat?
  3. Bikeracer

    2016 370z Nismo Exhaust

    Happy to split if members as still interested or otherwise happy to sell the complete Exhaust to Nick if he is interested.
  4. Bikeracer

    2016 370z Nismo Exhaust

    Would prefer to sell the Exhaust complete, anyone else who are after the other sections of the Exhaust ?
  5. Bikeracer

    SORN / Laid Up insurance

    I SORN my Porsche and bikes every winter, never effected my insurance which I keep rolling for the 12 month period and then re-tax them in the spring when the weather improves. Never heard of an insurance company cancelling your policyif you SORN a vehicle.
  6. Looks awesome, twin turbo V6 https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-japanesecars/nissan-previews-370z-project-clubsport-23/39033 https://www.autoblog.com/2018/10/29/nissan-370z-sema-update-teaser/#slide-7456266
  7. Bikeracer

    Bracknell meetup

    I’m working night again tomorrow evening, however does anyone want to meet up at Peacock Farm pub in Jennets Park at around 7pm ish tomorrow evening? Im working all of next weekend, however could also meet up at Peacock Farm pub, Jennets Park or nearby after work next Saturday or Sunday at around 7:30pm ish
  8. Bikeracer

    Bracknell meetup

    I get trade discount at Halfords if that’s any good to you on a new battery.
  9. Bikeracer

    Japfest Silverstone - 5th May 2019

    1. Zero:One 2. Panman - Azure P44 AAN 3. Zelda 4. Silverthorn 5. Shire 6. Umster 7. Grumpyoldjanner 8. wvSTUwv 9. Bikeracer1098
  10. Bikeracer

    Bracknell meetup

    Sorry only just seen this as I’ve been working nights. Did you guys meet up yesterday?
  11. Bikeracer

    370z nismo resonated from torqen.

    Looks great, I work in Reading, I’ve got a black Nismo.
  12. Bikeracer

    Bracknell meetup

    I’m based in Camberley
  13. Bikeracer

    Is a catback worth it?

    That’s not true as I have a Cobra cat back system and Japspeed test pipes fitted to my Supercharged Nismo.
  14. Bikeracer

    Nismo Leather Wearing

    They have agreed back in February to replace my drivers seat on my 2018 Nismo, however as I am currently rejecting the car I have not had the seat replaced.
  15. Bikeracer

    ART Test Pipes

    Should be able to find a friendly MOT tester.... Ive got Japspeed test pipes and Cobra catback on my Supercharged Nismo, no issues with fuel smell.