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  1. Bikeracer

    MAF connectors

  2. Bikeracer

    My new car mats

    The mats look great and well worth the money, some spend far more on a night out, so as long as your happy with them, that’s all that matters.
  3. Bikeracer

    My new car mats

    I bought the same Nissan OEM Nismo mats recentjy from a forum member for a bit less money paid a bit more than a hundred and ten quid to rub my dirty feet on them however .....lol However compared with paying £75 for the Nissan OEM 370z they were reasonably value for money
  4. Bikeracer

    MAF connectors

    Looking to purchase connectors for the MAF and throttle bodies for my 370z. Same connectors as 350z and R35 GTR Here is a link to a US supplier https://nexelec.com/YAZAKI-7283885030/ https://connectors-catalog.sys.yzk.co.jp/yazaki-web/servlet/SubServlet_e?forward=7283-8850-30&plist=list&select=XX manufacturer Yazaki Part no 7282-8850-30 Male connection 7283-8850-30 Female connection Anyone know of a UK supplier for these? Thanks
  5. Bikeracer

    Re-Badge or not Re-Badge

    Was considering removing the Nissan and 370z badge of the rear of mine and just leaving the Nismo badge. As an aside is it possible to purchase a Z badge/centre cap to replace the Nissan centre caps on the Nismo wheels?
  6. Bikeracer

    2016 370z Nismo Exhaust

    Full 370z OEM Cat-back Exhaust removed from my 2016 Nismo when the car was 9 month old and had covered around 950 miles. Excellent condition, £485 collected from Camberley, Surrey or Reading. May also be able to drop off along M4 corridor between Swansea and London.
  7. Bikeracer

    370Z Stillen Exhaust for 370Z Nismo MK2 Exhaust

    I’ve got an OEM Nismo Exhaust for sale, if it helps a non Nismo owner buy this Exhaust, Was removed when the car was 9 months old and had only done 950 miles
  8. Bikeracer

    Nismo Number?

    No, they are not numbered.
  9. Bikeracer

    Mobile Phone Holder

    Arrived and fitted today
  10. Bikeracer

    2017 Nismo £540 Tax?

    £140 per year as long as the retail price was £39,999 or below. 370z Nismo with metallic paint is £39,950 prior to any discount. For cars costing above £40k there is an extra £400 to pay (£540 total) for the first 5 years.
  11. Bikeracer

    Mobile Phone Holder

    Thanks guys, just ordered these 2 items http://www.co-star.co.uk/prod/4942/brodit-apple-iphone-6-plus-active-holder-fixed.html http://www.co-star.co.uk/prod/3635/dashmount-nissan-370z.html will post up some pics after installation.
  12. Bikeracer

    Mobile Phone Holder

    Thanks guys
  13. Bikeracer

    Mobile Phone Holder

    I’m looking for a mobile phone holder similar to this one for the Porsche 997, which attaches to the alcantara trim on the side of the dashboard. Anyone got something similar fitted to their car? http://www.rennline.com/ExactFit-Magnetic-Phone-Mount/productinfo/PM01.11/
  14. Bikeracer


    Good to meet up with you again Martin, however it was a shame that I only arrived at 3pm due to getting delayed
  15. Bikeracer

    Car cover....

    I’ve got a genuine Nissan indoor one which has on,y been used a few times. As the car is now a daily will be selling shortly