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  1. Hi all are we going this year. Cheers. Terry
  2. Terence

    Face lift bonnet

    Hi all I’m still looking for a facelift bonnet with bulge cheers
  3. Hi is there any planed dates for meets at Castle Coombe in the spring?
  4. Terence

    DE Bonnet

    Hi,is it a facelift bonnet with bulge
  5. Hi has anyone have pictures of carbon fibre side skirts fitted to a grey 350z roadster. Im looking at a set of G.R.A.M.S
  6. Terence


    Thanks for your reply I’ll see the local dealer tomorrow.
  7. Terence


    Thanks for the info do I just go to a Nissan dealer or could you supply?
  8. Terence


    OME PREOWENED I would think a new one would be to expensive Yes facelift with bulge
  9. Terence


    Hi I’m looking for a350z 2006/7 bonnet
  10. Hi,what a great day at Castle Coombe last Saturday, This was my first meet with the club. Ive had two 350z one coupe and at present a roaster. Has anyone got photos of the day. Cheers Terry
  11. Hi Could you tell how do I pay Thanks Terry
  12. Count me in Terence vortex 3 416bhp many mods to many to mention
  13. Hi,I am writing to thank Jez and all the lads for doing a great job on my 350 roadster. Vortech supercharger fitted , 287bhp on uprev now 416bhp. The car fly’s . I have now fitted 370z gt rims and tyres to help with traction. i would recommend Horsham to everyone.
  14. Hi,are the face lift lights still for sale and at what price.

    cheers Terry 

    1. Willsy1980


      It's not me selling them mate, its Alex.

      PM Zmanalex

    2. Terence
    3. Willsy1980
  15. Hi could you please tell me the price. Thanks Terry
  16. Hi, how much are you selling them for. Cheers Terry
  17. Has anyone fitted a rear diffuser to a roaster.I have a stillen exaust system. I don't want a aggressive look cheers Terry
  18. Sorry to ask again Alex but are you still selling the facelift head lights and for what price. Hope to here from you soon. Terry
  19. Hi I have a 2005 roadster, do you sell a carbon diffusers? Terry
  20. Cheers Alex How much are you selling them for and are they in good condition Thanks Terry Hi Alex Hoping to here from you about the price for the face lift price
  21. Hi, are the head lights still for sale cheers Terry





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