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  1. Bob94

    Suspension squeak

    Weird one...... I think. ever since I put my plenum spacer and strut spacers on I seem to have a very annoying squeak on front suspension going over small bumps/uneven roads. I thought I'd cured it by loosening all strut bolts and adjusting the strut bar and re tighten everything which helped get rid of the noise for a few days, but it's back again. Anyone had this and know how to get it to stop coming back. Thanks
  2. Your Z looked awesome, I travel that way everyday for work, at least now I know if a vectra flashes or waves who it is
  3. Bob94

    [SOLD]Floor mats

    I'll have them please if you take PayPal?
  4. Bob94

    [SOLD]Floor mats

    Interested, how much extra for postage?
  5. Grey 350z on coilovers I think, not sure if you on here but I waved after you flashed and waved
  6. Bob94

    Z starting to smoke

    Thanks I will check it out
  7. Bob94

    Z starting to smoke

    Can I ask where you got the seafoam from? Did you notice any issues running it through the fuel system? Always a sceptic with things like this but willing to try this if my new pcv, oil catch can and clean the plenum and throttle body doesn't help
  8. Bob94

    Z starting to smoke

    Tested the pcv yesterday and tried to blow through it, some air did come through but not sure if it was enough or normal amount but I've order a brand new one seen as though it's probably still the original one on 108,000 miles. stripped the plenum down to see if the was much if any oil in or around the manifold. There was a large pool of oil in the bottom of the lower plenum. before and after clean pics below. there was also some oil on the inside of the upper plenum and throttle body which was quite thick but cleaned it all off. the thing that concerned me most was when I looked down the inlet I saw that the back of the valves looked quite wet with oil, I'm not sure weather this is from the pool of oil in the plenum or if it confirms that the guides and or stem seals are leaking :/ ive ordered an oil catch can that I'm going to install to see if the smokeyness gets any better combined with a new pcv, I've seen 2 ways to install a catch can 1. Just pcv side 2. Pcv and n/s rocker cover pipe both into the can then vent to atmosphere. think I'm going to go for option 2 as there was more oil than I expected in and around throttle body.
  9. Bob94

    Z starting to smoke

    That gives me a few things to to try next before diving into to rebuild territory. I did notice with the bore scope there is a lot of build up on the valves. I'm running 10w-40 she'll helix as I have for for the last 3 oil changes, my 6 monthly oil change is due next month but may do it sooner to see if it helps with reducing the smoke. i have got berk test pipes which have been on about 2 months now, dare say the amount it smokes now would not be noticeable if I still had cats fitted. If none of those help I'm probably going to start planning on replacing stem seals and guides
  10. Bob94

    Z starting to smoke

    So I did my compression test tonight and the results were cylinder 5 195 psi 6 195 psi 3 195 psi 4 200 psi 1 195 psi 2 195 psi which according to information I could find is above manufactures recommendation. For 108,000 miles I think is quite good. The tops of most of the pistons looked a little bit damp with oil. So im thinking (hoping) rings are ok and the problem could be the valve stem oil seals and or the valve guides. What have people come across as the most common culprit? Is there anything else I can check aswell?
  11. Bob94

    Z starting to smoke

    So my 04 de has started smoking (bluish) this morning, I was driving it harder than usual this morning down the county roads but when reversing into my space at work I noticed a little puff of smoke. I got out and gave it a few blips to about 3000/4000 rpms and each time bluish smoke came out. I can't seem to see any when driving it hard......yet I know for a fact one of my spark plug tubes has a little oil in it from when I checked all my coil packs 2 weeks ago but that's been like 6 months and not had any smoke in all that time. I've been reading people's most common faults i.e. Oil in spark plug tube, stem oil seals, piston rings. Last time I tried to measure oil consumption it was roughly 1L/1000 miles which most people seem to agree is within nissan spec. But I'm going to keep an even closer eye on it from now on. So I'm going to stay back tomorrow after work and sort the leaky tube out (hopefully like I did with the other one that is now still dry) and do a compression test and keep my fingers crossed it's not down on any cylinders.
  12. Bob94

    Cylinder 6 misfire p0306

    Car developed a misfire last night on my way home, eml started flashing. Scanned it and it said cylinder 6 misfire. Suspecting possible coil pack I switched clinder 6 plug and coil to 5. Started after clearing codes and it ran great for a few mins no misfire then it started missing again. Checked and same code. The diagnostic doesn't have any live date concerning injectors so can't see what they are doing while it's running. Has anyone had this before? suspecting injector or wiring but won't be able to do anymore checks till after work, has anyone got any advice what I can check? Many thanks
  13. Bob94


    My mate is after a price of a cd009 gearbox for his rx8 1jz project, if someone can point me in the right direction or contact details I can pass along thanks
  14. Bob94

    De de cats/test pipes

    All sorted now thanks to a memeber on here
  15. Bob94

    De de cats/test pipes

    Just as I think everything is ok and start planning on ball joint replacement my oem cat decides it now wants a big hole in it :/ so I need some decats/test pipes asap new or used before this weekend. Does anybody keep them in stock and willing to do express delivery? Many thanks