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  1. Hi Dom, Sounds good, might be worth sticking a new thread up in the meet section, make it more visible to all and hopefully get a better turn out. I'll hopefully make it along if I'm not too busy
  2. Hate to be this guy but can I put my name down to attend, if I have to park on the street fair enough. cheesebert - 350z HR - AU08 VXZ
  3. I'm in Crofton Park, keen for some meets and drives
  4. Great build thread The ring is definitely an experience I think everyone should try do at least once, some great pictures. What hotel did you stay in?
  5. Welcome, I really like the alloys, anything with a bit of concave is win in my books
  6. Haha, much better, couldn't help but notice it either
  7. Looks good, same colour as mine
  8. Thanks Alex, I've had a search but I can't find it If you could have a quick look that would be a great help Stew that is the fitting instructions for the type 3 (it says it at the top right hand corner) which I already have, I need instructions for the a type 1 HKS SLD
  9. Hey everybody, was just about to fit my HKS Speed Limit Defencer (SLD) Type 1 and I realised the instructions are for a HKS SLD Type 3 My Type 1 SLD has 5 wires, a red 12v +, a black earth and 3 speed signals, yellow, blue and white. The Type 3 SLD has 6 wires, a red 12v +, a black earth and 4 speed signals, yellow, green, blue and white. My question, will my Type 1 SLD work with my 03 Import Zed and if it will does anybody know how to wire it? Cheers Robert
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