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  1. So it is that time of year again....the annual game of Insurance foreplay... The renewal letter arrives with an unrealistic figure, I shop around and threaten to leave and the price magically comes down to something more acceptable. I am part way through that merry dance this year and my insurer is swearing blind, that owing to annual premium increases and the market in general - I have no choice but to renew for approximately £100 more than it cost me last year (this is after they got the initial renewal premium wrong - having quoted me against a completely different car!) What
  2. It is always pottering about - never get a wave tho!
  3. How 'East' are we talking? Have I got to come too far from the Norf end?
  4. Tyres can be bald - the car won't go anywhere - I just don't want to leave it on axle stands for someone to then slip under and pinch the exhaust
  5. I am putting my wheels in for refurb and need some spares to sit the car on for a week - has anyone local got a collection of space savers or winter wheels in the garage that I could borrow?
  6. Where abouts are you based for collection and did you run them with or without spacers?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions gents - I will give the Scholl sauces some reading. I am prepared for the Audi and the Nissan to be vastly different. The Audi is relatively new - so it needs looking after more than allot of correction but there are some light swirls from some sponge love in the past Will get my order built and post back with progress
  8. South bound Spotted you on the M1 and we leap frogged a bit before you took off...you must know the cameras well there!
  9. That was me...I did spot the low and loud civic Are you local? I didnt recognise the car
  10. I am biting the bullet and stepping my detailing kit up a notch with a DAS 6 Pro DA. There are options a plenty for pads and pad sauce - are there any go to's that people would recommend? I am leaning towards this bundle - with some additional 75mm or 100mm pads (and backing plate) http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/polishing-machines/das-6-pro-dual-action-polisher/das-6-pro-lake-country-hydro-tech-and-menzerna-kit/prod_842.html I have a scrap panel for testing before I move onto my 350 and my OH's Black TTS - both are in reasonable condition and only needing light swirl corrections
  11. I have got a code reader in Potters Bar if you need one Check the brake switch thoroughly though - it is £7 vs an ABS unit swap at £700!!
  12. My Sage coffee machine or my Monitor Audio noise making gear
  13. I'll log an interest in the short shifter and gearbox mount please (if this is the right place to do so)
  14. If it is that heavy, I would plumb a return to the sump - otherwise you are just creating a maintenance job of emptying the catch can after every drive! When mine comes out of the garage in the sun, I will be fitting a new ally sump with tapped return fittings
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