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  1. I'd definitely weld the holes up. For the wiper hole I'd cut a disk out and weld that in. Grind it all smooth, tiny skim of filler and then get a painter to do the whole boot and blend it in.
  2. I had the more vertical one, and I actually preferred it in the end, even though I originally wanted the same as you. Here's some other angles of it.
  3. What a sponsorship proposal As a duty of care to our traders, can we get someone to help Craig with this page: https://keysperformanceparts.co.uk/epages/25d46332-e6e7-4f2e-94d7-0e0ada309a2b.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/25d46332-e6e7-4f2e-94d7-0e0ada309a2b/Categories/More_Info/Car_cleaning_Tips Not necessarily the entire two bucket method, just some more detail.
  4. I want phillips hue bulbs, I'm going to stick an echo dot in my workshop and link all the lights etc to it I think. We're about to move and will have to rewire the new house, so I think I'll get a smart meter chucked in so I can shout at everything Also, did you know you can change the wake word to computer, so you can sound like you're in a 1980's scifi film
  5. Do you keep thanking it for things? It's brilliant fun, I've found the flash briefing really good whilst I get dressed etc.
  6. weird that both of those cars have 4x4 ride height and the most cancer inducing lights on the market. I think that with bumpers that match the lines of the skirts, they could look good.
  7. As above, unless your car is lowered a lot, you don't really need it.
  8. shove them on fully hard with a lady in the passenger seat who has decent jubblies, just try not to crash, as you will be distracted
  9. It'll take them a couple of weeks to work their way though the millions of users. I got done on Friday last week, a few people I know got done yesterday.You won't have to wait forever
  10. I did mean that yeah, typo, not sure how. It's not exactly the same though is it, adding a spoiler to the vehicle, so long as there aren't any sharp edges is perfectly legal, you just have to declare it to the insurers as a modification. HFC's and exhausts are also legal, so long as the emissions aren't affected and the noise increase isn't "excessive" C&U is generally open to interpretation, carrying a trailer on a vehicle not plated for one is pretty clear cut.
  11. I'm not squidding around, these puns need to stop
  12. Got the Amazon Echo thing, I've wanted it for ages, with £70 off I bought the big one instead of the dot. I imagine I'll love it and will end up having the dot's in a couple of rooms.
  13. It would be a conditions and use offence; any tow bar fitted to a car first registered after 1998 has to meet the 94/20/EC regulations, which state it has to be type approved for that car and use the manufacturer's approved fitting points. If somebody rear ended you, the insurance assessor could claim that use of a non approved tow bar has contributed to the damage. If you're towing and crash or the trailer goes off on an adventure, they could claim that you shouldn't have been towing in the first place and as such you technically wouldn't have had insurance. Being a modification, you'd have to tell the insurers about it too. "Hi Admiral, I'd like to fit a towbar to my 370z" "Not type approved buddy, can't do it, sorry" "oh ok then"