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  1. Maybe the one above? Not sure. https://www.autoblog.com/2009/07/02/ukdm-nissan-370z-yellow-a-special-edition-homage-to-europes-g/?guccounter=1
  2. AliveBoy

    photobucket p500

    Apologies for necropost... FYI, photobucket have sacked their CEO and realised they did wrong. I don't think it will save them, but... By Greg Avery – Reporter, Denver Business Journal May 17, 2018, 2:47pm MDT Updated 8 hours ago Photobucket’s experiment with being a $399.99 premium service is over, and so to is the tenure of the CEO who led it. The Denver-based photo storing service on Thursday revealed it has slashed its prices and restored millions of photos around the internet hoping to mollify millions of customers it angered last year. “It’s the first step of many to restore the trust of customers,” said Ted Leonard, Photobucket’s new CEO. He became CFO at the 15-year-old company in October, after it surprised users worldwide by starting to charge $399.99 for hosting a large number of photos and being able to post them on third-party blogs, ecommerce sites and elsewhere. John Corpus, Photobucket’s CEO at the time, defended the change, saying a subscription model was necessary given the disparity between the online ad revenue Photobucket’s website generated and the expense of hosting billions of images its 90 million customers stored with Photobucket. But the pricing, especially the $399.99 a year service that enabled posting images on third-party sites, didn’t convert a meaningful number of Photobucket users into paying subscribers, Leonard said Thursday. “There’s not a one-plan-fits-all approach to image hosting,” he said. “We can build a subscriber-based business without charging more money than the perceived value of the service.” Leonard became CEO in March. The company has spent the weeks since them coming up with new pricing and strategies to make 90 million customers happy and generate revenue. The new prices start at $1.99 per month for 10 gigabytes of images stored and rise to $3.99 monthly for 20 gigabytes and $8.99 for two terabytes of storage. All the plans enable third-party hosting for a $2.49 monthly add-on price. Photobucket on Wednesday also turned back on millions of users’ images that were still linked to around the web. The move allowed the images to reappear in place instead of the stock speedometer image that had replaced them last summer. Leonard ruefully joked that speedometer might have become the most viewed image in internet history, though one linked to users’ anger with the company. “This was weighing on us,” he said. “We wanted to see the images replaced and the internet to be put back together in a sense.” A pair of Level 3 Communications engineers, Alex Welch and Darren Crystal, formed Photobucket in 2005 to help people to store and use digital photos. Photobucket became the fastest-rising photo storage startup as it grew in parallel with the popularity of MySpace, the first widely-popular social network, where many users of Photobucket posted images. Fox Interactive, a division of News Corp., bought both MySpace and Photobucket in 2006, envisioning something that presaged Facebook and Instagram. But Facebook soon dwarfed MySpace, and photo-filtering apps took on prominence as smartphones supplanted desktop computers. News Corp. sold Photobucket in 2010, making an independent, Denver-based company again. It employed 120 people in downtown’s ballpark neighborhood at its height. Welch, its co-founder, returned to Photobucket at one point after it purchased his photo-sharing app company, but he since left the business. Today Photobucket has 10 full-time employees and is based at a downtown co-working space.
  3. Definitely recommend getting an air fuel ratio gauge added if at all possible as this will help with watching the running of the car. Especially with a carb which is essentially a controlled fuel leak If you have some spare change (it's not cheap!) laying about, MSD Atomic EFI (Electric fuel injection) plus an MSD distributor would transform the car, they even make it look like there's still a carb on it. It's plug and play but it also self learns, so will adapt it's mapping to the car. If you have 15 minutes or so spare this video shows the differences quite well. Sorry for rambling, I had a 350 small block in my truck, so I've done days and days of research into them and now I don't have one On the motortrend on demand site there's loads of videos about/involving the 350 small block, if you want my login details, just ask.
  4. shoving some gaskets in isn't a big job, it will just be rather fiddly because of the space constraints.
  5. Shame about the focus in the back there
  6. Yeah, I think you're right, possibly you need red however blue held well on my small block chevy V8 and two motorbikes. With the chevy it's all I had and as it worked I never bought the correct stuff. That's probably not the correct attitude to have though
  7. surely even using locktite blue is an option?
  8. Set the bag on fire so that when he stamps it out he gets poo on his shoe
  9. Absolutely in awe of your dedication and pursuit of perfection. Love this thread.
  10. I'm late to the party, however on the fuel front, modern fuel killed the mocal high pressure fuel lines I had in my truck after a year. After a bit of research I found that you can buy teflon lined fuel lines which are ok to run even pure ethanol on. Carburetors do not like our modern fuel though and all of the brass parts oxidise and you get a build up of green crusty stuff if the car stands too long. I envy most (ALL) of this build, especially the being able to buy decent fuel to put in it. I love the attention to detail you've put in.
  11. AliveBoy

    photobucket p500

    I've had them weekly for a month or so. I think they've killed themselves.
  12. Do you believe or not. You're muddying the waters now. You can't mention them like this. Also, singular, or plural? and lee and perrins or not?
  13. What didn't happen? No idea what you're referring to?





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