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  1. Piece of French rubbish that's actually brilliant and pretty fun
  2. Sorry to see you go mate.������ Thanks for all your hard work organising meets in the past.������ Good luck with your new Chariot. I had made my mind up on a 981S but I am going to test drive a Nismo MK2 first so you might not have got rid of me yet
  3. Talking about the OP - Are we expecting a RHD version of one of these soon? There seem to be quite a lot of rumours on the web but I can't find anything concrete.
  4. I like this. Far too many people being short sighted at the moment.
  5. Poor car needs to be driven more!
  6. I have used interparcel loads of times before, its basically just a search engine for couriers but the prices always seem better than going direct.
  7. Hello All, It is a sad day that I have to put up for sale the best car I have ever owned. The only reason it is up for sale is due to a car allowance policy through my work. Overview Full GT Spec including leather/heated seats, Bose, S Mode, cruise control and Akebono brakes 64,500 miles (32k in my possession) 1 Previous owner 6 Speed Manual MOT Expiry 3rd September 2016 (Zero Advisories on previous MOT) 6mm+ Falken FK453 Tyres with standard 245/40 and 275/35 size The car has never been in an accident and has no car parking marks on it at all. There are stone chips on the
  8. As someone who is actively looking for a Zed the miles were higher than I am looking for,nothing wrong with the car as far as I can see,right spec and lovely colour,black rose pretty scarce,and decent price ! 43k?! It's lower than average by far. It's all about condition not mileage these days.
  9. Sunday night one of your boys tried to move the 200SX but he was either massively pi**ed or couldn't drive. About 6k revs to crawl around at 5 mph
  10. Three DE's blue, silver and black. Hope your enjoying the weekend!
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