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  1. MY54 ZED - Orange

    ive seen the plate before around my area. looks like youre from my village! turned in ust before me, after we had some playtime on the motoway lol. Spotted today at about 12 noon, Kent.
  2. Items found in House Move - 350z engine bay

    Admin - please close thread remaining item will be thrown. : ( cheers
  3. Items found in House Move - 350z engine bay

    Final orders.... otherwise i'll close the thread. (this alerts to an old email account of mine, effort to keep track of lol).
  4. Items found in House Move - 350z engine bay

    ive got a Maisto Scaled orange Z behid me on the Medal Shelf, and ive got a couple of photos around the house of Pumpkin. i'm soon going to be building a track-only car (non Z, something cheaper to destroy) so dont want any old car parts lying around.
  5. Items found in House Move - 350z engine bay

    Talk to me about offers : )
  6. hey chaps, just moved house and found some stuff. looks like my last for sale post got deleted without a notification? not sure where it went, so i'll write this out again : ) I can get better pictures of anything if needed. just took a holistic view of all. - TORQEN Undetray UNOPENED. this is what is in the brown box. its unopened. so, yea.... boring picture. lol. £100 - Strut bar bought for colour coding but never got around to it. £20 - Upper Plenum Inlet manifold bought for port and polish, never got around to it. £50 - Throttle Body as above. (seem to recall these were a pig to find though?) £50 All prices are for collection. collection from ME3, Kent. I really, REALLY dont want to be fart arsing around posting these, as i dont have boxes, or packing or anything. if someone wanted to collect the lot id be very open to a haggle. Many Thanks Pritchard.
  7. PAYCO - Lunch Zippypooz - Lunch reeceybeaney +1 - Lunch Pritchard +1 -Z +F: Lunch x2 (tbx by 1st sept)
  8. Southend Sea Front night time meet 9th feb - Cancelled

    i just came here to say i was a no for tomorrow, but youve moved it anyway. next week i am in Nepal, so cant make that either. i'll keep my eyes open and hopefully see you chaps soon. im keeping half an eye on the big meets too.
  9. Southend Sea Front night time meet 9th feb - Cancelled

    Afraid i am several timezones away for Brighton currently getting pulled from pillar to post as it is. but i did get your PM. sorry i didnt get around to replying i do keep an eye on my Z notifications, even if its only from my email pings.
  10. Do you find front wheel drives boring?

    yes. but unersterr is so much more pedictable, and easer to push to limits. driving the jag around at the moment ive had to re-assertain its driving limits. even them the back end can slip and you have to be ready - even in a straight line! using the missus' fwd drive car, its so much more fun to take a corner at silly speeds and ''see what happens'', as the understeer is very forgivable. and in the wet its easy to find that limit too
  11. MY54 ZED

    perfect plate! went right past my house, and i followed you in the Jag for a bit before you went a different way. Nr Medway (Wainscott)