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  1. I will have a go at bleeding it myself a few times and see what happens. the fresh fluid has already turned brown again with in a few weeks, was going to just go for the slave/braided line but thought why not go the hole hog lol
  2. Think my slave cylinder is on it's last leg's, had a p3 service only a few weeks ago and had the fluid changed 2weeks later it started to play up on me. Seeing as i intend to keep the zed for a few yrs i'm thinking of going for the heavy duty master cylinder and slave.
  3. Have a look at this http://amzn.eu/2z2BfFJ, iv just got one but haven't used it yet just waiting on a few other things to go with it.
  4. This will be my last dog now i think, need more time to do things that i can't do when you have a dog. Anything going on this weekend ?, leela at my dad's for this weekend so can do what i want lol .
  5. English bull terrier they have some jaws on them lol.
  6. I wish i could but she like's to eat car's for some reason and trying to drive with a 35lb staffy on your dash after the wiper blades when it rain's lol, so she's band from going in the zed.
  7. Rob350 look's like there's a few of us on here in the north west that are in the same boat lol. The only thing that's stoping me from going to japfest is my dog, i'm trying to sort something out so hopefully i can make it.
  8. I would be up for any meet's in the north west sounds good to me as iv got nothing to do most weekend's.
  9. I'm up for the liverpool meet when's the next one, would it be at the end of the month by any chance ?. I wouldn't say no to going jap fest too .
  10. If it's the one that has Do-luck front bumper and side skirts then that's me.
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