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  1. I was a drummer in a few bands back in the day. I now just book them.
  2. I dont think I am in a position to start talking about artists getting older.
  3. Oh dear Dan, Amy will kill you.
  4. A very nice 370z. Sorry for confusing you you at first with the wave and smile. Fortunately I had my forum jacket on.
  5. No one is asking for "justification" of your actions, seems like there is a lot of paranoia in that comment. I am sure we all appreciate the job of mod/admin is a thankless one, but issues such as this just imho create a divide between members and "the team", the information we are asking for is harmless and informative, how can that be so bad? No paranoi at all, I am very relaxed on here.
  6. I'd be very disappointed if we were banned from discussing a subject on here like this. Seriously Dan you know the team better. Talk and debate as much as you like. I was pointing out that we have the whole forum to moderate and dont want to have to constantly discuss this one issue. As you will well remember mate, we also have to enjoy the forum otherwise why would we do it.
  7. Anyone being banned is given time to sort their desk out. If they are dealing with a trader its not a problem. The member being banned is also told by e-mail so they can point out any oustanding issues like that. As has been said, its a very rare event and we do not comment on here as the member will not have the right to reply on here. Its not rocket science for someone to find out the members version but we at content that we take enough time to discuss it and get it right for the benefit of the forum so dont feel we need to justify each action. Subject closed.
  8. The rules are pretty straighforward. its basically down to respect for other users on here. If somebody doesnt manage to follow these rules the matter is pointed out to them. If this doesnt make a difference they will be contacted again. The ultimate conclusion is a ban. This apples to all of the few people who have been banned from the forum over nearly 10 years.
  9. I am up in cumbria but will post it down to you. One rather obvious point with the birdview which I learnt the hard way. Always carry spare batteries. I was in Leicester visiting CS when my batteries ran out. It wasnt fun.
  10. I have a birdview system which is not in use. I am away at work at the moment but if you pm me a reminder after the 12th oct I will see if I can find it, if so you can have it.
  11. Welcome back Chris. The honeymoon is good fun but from now on is the best bit.
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