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  1. Orange 350 Hayle.

    Saw a real nice orange 350.. Looked mint.. Lovely orange colour. Travel Lodge Hayle. Tuesday 15th
  2. Just Ordered a Cobra Resonated!!

    They come with tips bud.. They just have 3 other options.
  3. North Cornwall petrol dilemma

    BP launceston still has it on pump 6.. Filled up this morning
  4. North Cornwall petrol dilemma

    BP launceston.. One pump this morning
  5. North Cornwall petrol dilemma

    Did you try the one between trethorn and davidstow. Moorview I think it's called?
  6. North Cornwall petrol dilemma

    Same as you... When to get it from BP launceston and out.. Will just put 97 normal in for now. Just won't fill it
  7. Another 350z clutch thread

    I'll keep bleeding the system until I run out of fluid See what happens.
  8. Another 350z clutch thread

    No not adjusted pedal. I'm not doubting the advice.. I'm just saying Im not getting any air.. I did when I started but the fluid is clear and bubble free.. So wondered what I'm doing wrong
  9. Another 350z clutch thread

    What do you mean bleed it properly? I don't know n what else to do.. It's bled.. With no air. That I can see as per manual?
  10. Another 350z clutch thread

    Hope it's not the slave adrian as I just got it from you haha.. Thanks chaps.. Haven't changed clutch.. Pretty annoying this is.... OK . Do you sell rebuild kits or do I need a new master cylinder
  11. Another 350z clutch thread

    55 plate DE
  12. Another 350z clutch thread

    I've searched this topic alot.. Before I did the work and after .. Can't seem to find the correct answer.. My clutch was working fine.. It used to stick when hot. So whilst I'm doing a ton of work on my car I thought best to change slave and the rubber line for a braided one. I have swapped the slave and line.. Bled the system as the manual states and I get no air bubbles so all good. Trouble is now the peddle on comes up half way.. Was perfectly fine before.. And appears the bleeding went well.. No air etc. So I'm a bit confused., unless this buggered the master in the process?
  13. Cat to Y pipe bolts

    Sounds like you had loads of fun. I'll see how it goes.. Hopefully I'll get lucky
  14. Cat to Y pipe bolts

    Boom.. That's good to know I'll lie on my back again tomorrow then haha. Thanks bud
  15. Cat to Y pipe bolts

    Can't seem to find a definitive answer. I want to remove the Y pipe from the cats.. The bolts won't undo for toffee... Mine is a 55 DE. My question is if I cut the bolts off on the Y pipe side and remove the Y pipe.. Can I then nock the bolts out of the cats with a hammer..? Was not sure if they are threaded into the cats or just pressed in. Thanks