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  1. Thanks Alex Would like to replace it anyway. Could you pm me the price and I will sort it out after work
  2. Hi Everyone car just failed MOT due to corroded rear subframe brace (part number R9511). Cant find this part anywhere in the UK. Have seen one for sale but in the US. I guess they cant be that rare considering the number of zeds broken up. Would really appreciate if anyone on here can source me one. regards brian.
  3. was a rusted through brake line. Back on the road again
  4. Will take it to be looked at tomorrow. if I couldn't have gone around the car in front I reckon me and the other driver would be having hospital food for a while, perish the thought.
  5. will look tomorrow but they were fine and then total loss with no warning they were going to fail catastrophically
  6. kernow zed

    nearly crashed

    Hi There, was coming up to a roundabout at a reasonable speed and applied the brakes only for nothing to happen. Managed to swerve onto the side verge avoiding the cars in front but went straight through the roundabout at considerable speed but no one in the way otherwise a nasty crash would have happened. Cautiously drove home about 10 miles. there is only the slightest amount of braking on applying them but the handbrake sign, traction control are permanently lit. put a code reader in but only 1147 comes up which is for a dodgy rear o2 sensor which already know about. Scared the crap out of me to be honest as I would have crashed if there hadn't been anywhere to go.
  7. spotted at golden sands resort dawlish warren
  8. Thanks will do. Did have two new rear tyres put on last week so will check tyre pressure and wheel nuts.
  9. Hi just to ask if anyone has had severe vibration when turning into a gentle bend. In quick succession the car has loudly vibrated and become totally unstable when taking gentle right hand bends at moderate speed. Quite worrying as it totally unsettles the car and puts the fear of god into me. Took it to the garage who took it for a drive but said it didnt do anything. They had a quick look but said everything seems ok but to take it back if it does it again. I have had a quick search but cant find anything. Any feedback would be appreciated as i really dont like driving it like this Cheers Brian
  10. That's where I went this morning only to find when I went to tesco that the petrol station is open again!
  11. Thanks all. Didn't occur to try the one up from trethorn but that's because it only seems to be open on a random three days a month. Will try Launceston again today. To anyone thinking of visiting these parts do your homework first because premium petrol aint that common down 'ere.
  12. Hi does anybody up here in the back end of nowhere i.e north cornwall know where 98+ petrol can be bought. Both Tregoning ford and Launceston tesco petrol stations are both out of action at the moment and the tank is getting a bit low Cheers Bri.
  13. Dont use atlantic garage in camelford! Told me I needed a new clutch over a year and 10000 miles ago and it's still going strong. Either dont know what they're talking about or complete crooks.
  14. Gun metal grey 05 plate soft top parked up on new road teignmouth





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