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  1. Looks awesome, makes me want another one! I know the crash bobbins don't look all that great but if you do bin it they will save the bike. When I low side'ed there was very minimal damage, just a bent break leaver and a few scratches to the race fairings.
  2. On the road you will never notice the power being down due to the punchyness of the v twin. I felt it didn't need to be worked as hard as a fireblade to get it in the power band. The weight is there but it's within the chassis and low down so it's not an issue. With the factory you get öhlins front and rear which is fully adjustable so you can tailor it to your riding/ size. I can't really comment on the reliability aspect as mine was used as a toy but there were plenty of guys on the rsv forum using them to commute and didn't suffer too many issues. One of the most frustrating things is the lack of Aprilia dealerships so if it dose go wrong you could face a wait for parts.
  3. I had an rsv 1000r factory before the Z and absolutely bloody loved it. It started off as road bike but soon became more track orientated. As you rightly say, they have bags of character, look simply stunning and are so confidence inspiring through the bends, I literally road of the edge of the tyre at an Odhiam air field day and low sided. Luckily I had track fairings on so a new rear brake leaver was fitted and it was good to go. It even crashed in style. They do have a few common issues depending on the model that you go for, namely the clutch slave cylinder and the electrics on the dash can be a bit iffy. Mine could hang with the jap in line 4 1000's on the straights up to about 130 but then did get a bit breathless. In the bends the low down grunt of the v twin was more forgiving than the 4's though and the way it drives out of corners is epic. Long story short, if you are planning on blasting round tracks regularly then a R1 is gonna be hard to top. If you want somthing that's a bit different, will turn heads and geneally put a massive grin on your face then an RSV is a strong contender.
  4. I paid £1100 for one with 70k on it. It's still sitting in my garrage and I no longer own a Z so if you are ever in need of one then drop me a pm
  5. I'm glad you appove mate. Other than having to swap over the air bag connectors it was a straight swap as you would expect!
  6. Made the most of the nice weather today and took the Z out for a spin. This really isn't really the best build thread in the world as some one else has done all the hard work for me! I have fitted the OEM seats from Andy James Z (nice to meet you) . They are immaculate as you would expect from him. I tidied up the engine bay, ran out of heat reflective tape so I'll have to get some more! It's booked in for a front end resprey at TGM on the 1st of December as the front bumpr has a few marks I'd like to have sorted. Once that's done I'm going to look at selling it on to get a more track focused car. I've been eyeing up a vx220 for a little while now and it's and itch I'm gonna have to scratch!
  7. Well a few weeks has passed since I purchased the TT, most of that time has been spent swapping over parts from the black Z on the the GM one and getting the black car sold. Last Friday it went to it's new owner which I'm happy to say was a local guy so I'm sure I'll see it about from time to time. This has meant that I've been able to put a bit of time in to the GM, giving it a full DA polish with scholl s20 black (amazing stuff), wax it with anglewax Ag and finish it off with a coat of Angelwax QED. The results are very impressive, the car was in need of a bit of tlc body wise when I got it but it's now immaculate. As for the car it's self, I'm very impressed, the grunt it has is immense and it's still very civilised in the way it delivers the power. Puts a massive grin on my face every time I get in it.
  8. I fitted ceramic coated DC headers on mine. Fitment and quality is great but you do need to factor new manifold gaskets in to the price which are about £45 per side iirc.
  9. Bump and price drop to £5500 *oem wheels back on and TC light issue gone*
  10. I think you may have messaged me about my car on Auto trader I would say be patient, sell your car then buy a Z. That'll put you a far better negotiation point than a swap/ px deal. Good luck with the search.
  11. Still for sale. Had a few pm's which I have responded to but no buyers.
  12. Hi all, Up for sale due to new car purchase is my 350z import. I have owned the car since October 2015 and have carried out a fair amount of mods/ servicing myself over the past 2 years. Full details can be found here: Servicing: Mileage is 66K Oil+ filter every 6 months Clutch fluid 2016 Brake fluid 2016 Gear box oil+ Molly slip 2016 Coolant change when I fitted DC headers 2017. Diff oil when I replaced the diff for a UK spec model 2017. Only ever run on high octane fuel with receipts to prove. Basically every consumable fluid has been replaced in the last 2 years. Modifications Body: Genuine HR style bonnet Genuine chargespeed rear bumper and side skirts. Mines style front lip C West style canards 06+ tail lights 06+ head lights Zigen SC3000 wheels (could do with refurb) Performance: UpRev Plenum spacer Injen CAI with new filter DC ceramic coated headers Berk HFC's Injen true duel exhaust Light weight single mass fly wheel New clutch at 45k miles Oil cooler with custom temprature gauge in A pillar Whiteline diff bushes Hosetecnic SS brake+ clutch line Ferodo ds2500 brake pads DBA T2 front discs Polly bush banana arms bushes The general condition of the car is very good, please bear in mind that it's a 13 year old car so it's not perfect. No rust on the body work and the under side is also very clean. Being an import the paper work/ documented service history is poor to be honest. I have various receipts proving majour works such as the clutch change but no stamped up service book. The car has not missed a beat in my ownership and I have loved every mile in it. The only down sides are there is a VERY slight snick if you rush 5th gear. If you are gently it engages with no noise. If full asking price is met then I will pay for the box to be replaced with the one in my new Z as I have a spare cd009 I intend to fit in the future. Also with the current wheels fitted the TC light is on. This is down to poor tyre size choice by the previous owner. I have ordered some standard 350z wheels which I will fit to the car. Both sets of wheels can be include in the sale if the new owner wishes. The car is located in Farnborough, Hampshire. To arrange a viewing or if you have any further questions please drop me a PM. Thanks for looking, Rich.
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