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  1. And in fairness I’ve always had cars I’ve never been that into but I just panick buy, here is a few photos of my drive over the past 2 years Jeez, 3 cars at one point haha
  2. I am the exact same, I’m on my 10th car in 5 years. I also usually own two cars at once, currently got the Zed and a focus. Before I had a 1 series and 3 series. Or I own a motorbike and a car! I’m now looking to shift the Zed to get another motorbike! I get really annoyed with myself that I keep changing because I lose so much money but I just can’t help changing all the time! Even having two deer ate vehicles doesn’t do it for me!
  3. My parents dog shep, just like blue Peter
  4. Turns out it wasn’t the PAS pump
  5. Looking for a new/used/ refurbished PAS pump for my Nissan 350z 05 plate thanks kieran
  6. Oh that’s a good sign, you’ve made me feel a little more confident! Thank you!
  7. Hello, thanks for the response. Year is 05 and 350z Rev up I believe It is getting recovered Friday now
  8. Hey Guys, Below was an issue I had a few months back, the car wouldn't go into gear - it was bled and then worked again. This morning the car would not go into gear again! On top of that, I had the car services a few weeks ago at a garage, the MOT is due next month and he suggested advisory's. He said only the LED needs to be changed to pass MOT. - headlight LED needs replacing - Power steering is really heavy, keep an eye on it. So the power steering has got a lot worse and turning the wheel when driving is now a chore. Not only that, whilst turning the wheel (being stiff) it will sometimes loosen up again and the car will turn quicker. (feels dangerous) So in short, unfortunately I have had some issues with my first 350Z and the hassle is too much. I'm looking for ideally a specialist that can assist / advise / fix these issues around my area (Redditch, Worcestershire) as the car currently cannot move off my drive so I am stuck with distance. Then once fixed I will be selling - it was only there for a bit of fun but it has put me off. Any help would be great! Thanks all!
  9. Hey guys, Just to confirm, I had it collected £50 for recovery so not too bad. The mechanic bled the hydraulic fluid and replaced it and it’s solved the issue. He’s asked me to keep an eye out. Could be air in the fluid - just concerned about how it got in the fluid Thank you for your help
  10. Thanks for the advise - you’re right I’m definitely not a DIY when it comes to cars. However, got a mechanic mate coming over Saturday to take a look at it. Fingers crossed it’s a small pay out
  11. So next steps for me are to jack it up and check the space cylinder under the car? I have been informed it was replaced about a year ago with a new line and it’s external. So jack it up, get someone to press the clutch and just monitor the movement? i appreciate all your help so far guys
  12. I had a look at the fluid yesterday and it is quite dark. Photo attached Clutch seems the same as before - However it is a very stiff clutch anyway, the clutch was changed for a racing clutch from the previous owner .... unfortunately I can’t remember what it’s called
  13. New update - sadly a bad update Tried again the morning, cannot get into gear whilst the car has started, so I put it into gear with the car off and reversed off my drive - cannot shift into 1st at all. So car off into first and then start the car, the car nearly stalled with my clutch in in first starting up and if I take my foot off the brake it slowly pulls the car (with the clutch in) again cannot change gear at all now. Tried a few different things to get more info - put it in first (with car off) tried to turn the ignition on and it made a horrible screech noise so I didn’t want to do anything else. Managed to park the car as when I reversed off I made sure I wasn’t in anyone’s way and ordered a taxi. Bad start to today - any other help would be great
  14. It struggled to get into every gear for half the day... even when warmed up... very weird I’ll see how it goes this morning
  15. Interesting update - I just put the car into reverse with the clutch before starting the car - it flew through the gears with no issues.... very confused now I’ll try again later without doing the above



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