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  1. Hi & welcome. Few of us around Lincoln now.
  2. Not a Nismo (which I doubt would be much different) but mine averages 27mpg according to the trip thingy. Mostly driven around town and in the countryside, not so much on motorways now due to their sparseness in Lincolnshire and mostly with a conservative right foot. I`ve no idea really what it drops to when you do start pressing on around the country lanes but the fuel consumption chart thing on the display seems to constantly plummet downwards and stay down there.
  3. I drove an 18 plate Nismo whilst mine was in for a service in February and, whilst the clutch definitely felt different, I would not say that the biting point was unusually high and certainly not right at the top.
  4. Hi & welcome. Nice colour (& stripe work) ……..
  5. I wasn`t going to mention it, but, yeah it looked like it needed a clean ……
  6. Triton Rd outside B&M about 4pm today?
  7. I`ve got a few. All black, no colour, and mostly dragons/tribal on shoulders/upper arms/chest, nothing car related. First one just over 40 years ago and last one about 8 or so ago. I used to enjoy playing about with designs and where to put them but think I`m done with them now.
  8. So this is why all the poorer countries are scrabbling to sign up? They get more out of it than us £ for £.....? " It's quite a twisted view of the world we live in especially as half the money we pay to EU is returned to us and is invested frequently in poorer regions like Wales, NI, etc." So if we leave all of the money can be invested in our own poorer regions?
  9. It`s a game every year come renewal time to get the cheapest price. I`ve been with Hastings Direct for the past couple years. Originally it was around £180. Renewal last year was still around the same price. Renewal this year went up to about £240. When I rang them to cancel the auto renewal they could get it down to around £200 but no lower. I took out new insurance with them via GoCompare £180 (and due £26 cash back from Quidco for using GoCompare). Same with the bike insurance. Was cheaper to take out a new policy via GoCompare with the same company I was already with than accept their renewal price. (and some cash back due again). You couldn`t make it up could you...
  10. I got an 18 plate Nismo as a courtesy car instead of the usual Micra couple weeks ago whilst having mine serviced and found that, as beautiful as the seats look, they were pretty uncomfy. The bolsters at each side at the bottom dug in rather than supported (and I don`t have a large backside), and, with the harder suspension, we felt every bump and pot hole in the crappy city streets around Manchester.
  11. Tesco Momentum for me. 2nd nearest , cheapest and Club Card points for a free meal at Prezzo`s a few times a year.
  12. That`s got to be the biggest step-up to date. Congratulations and welcome to the Z club. Nice wheels.
  13. Is that a carpet sample stuck to the dash? The steering wheel just offends my eyes.



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