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  1. I`d check with the company first. PCP is different to other types of finance. You`re effectively renting the car until it`s all paid up so you`d be selling a car that you technically don`t own.
  2. I do like the wife`s 1.7 diesel Mokka. Plenty of punch and very cheap to run but if we ever change it I don`t think we would consider another diesel. Now that they`ve decided they`re bad I expect they will start penalizing us for having them. I heard on the radio the other day that one city (might have been Bristol but I can`t remember) is thinking of banning them from the city centre.
  3. Hi and welcome. I drove a Nismo earlier this year whilst my Gt Edition was being serviced. The ride was noticeably harder and crashed over every bump and pot hole in the road and I thought the seats, whilst gorgeous, were uncomfortable.
  4. When we moved 3 years ago we moved 120 miles away so it was fairly obvious my wife wouldn`t be keeping her job although her earnings were on the application, We just told them she would find a way to carry on with it until she found a new one. They weren't really concerned about it and never questioned or checked up on what had happened with her job. Seems to me, and although there may be some very rare examples to the contrary, in general as long as the re payments are being made lenders simply aren`t interested in what`s going on with you.
  5. I bought mine from Westway Manchester and always taken it back there even after we moved to Lincoln. never had any problems with them (but then there`s never been anything needed for them to do other than the routine service and MOT).
  6. My opinion of PCP has always been it`s only renting. It`s not your car. Unless, and until, you make the final lump sum payment. Anyone taking it on should have at least some idea that you can`t just treat the car as your own and do whatever you want with it until the agreement is all payed up and finished. To do what he`s done and spent on it without any consideration of the finance agreement is just plain dumb and reckless.
  7. Typical. Less than 25 miles away. But the day we go on holiday.
  8. On mine it`s 35psi front and back but they aren`t run flats, don`t know if they`re any different.
  9. He`s not been seen on here in a long while.
  10. I wonder what`s covered and will be repaired under the warranty. The wife`s Mokka came with the lifetime warranty from Vauxhall but I get the impression it was just a sales gimmick and pretty worthless and anything that can be expected to wear out/fail over time won`t be repaired free of charge under the warranty. So in effect only things that are never ever going to fail are covered. I expect after a few years time the dealers will try write any failure off to fair wear and tear.
  11. Wayne370Z


    Hasting Direct and completely standard.
  12. Wayne370Z


    Although there are many variables which cause insurance to vary massively from person to person that sounds a tad expensive. I just find the cheapest on GoCompare and this year at 58 was £180.
  13. Hi & welcome. Quite a few Z`s around Lincoln now.
  14. Hi & welcome. Few of us around Lincoln now.
  15. Not a Nismo (which I doubt would be much different) but mine averages 27mpg according to the trip thingy. Mostly driven around town and in the countryside, not so much on motorways now due to their sparseness in Lincolnshire and mostly with a conservative right foot. I`ve no idea really what it drops to when you do start pressing on around the country lanes but the fuel consumption chart thing on the display seems to constantly plummet downwards and stay down there.





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